You're not doing magick right.

That's right, you're doing it all wrong, donchaknow??? :D

You're not doing magick right.

How many times have you seen someone post this online or say this about someone else's way of doing magick?

I've seen it often. Hell, I used to say it to people myself when I was an edgy young thing. But I've learned a lot since then, about both myself and magick.

And I'm here to tell you that's megatons of utter bullshit.

First, neither you nor I can even define what magick really is.

Sure, you can make up fancy definitions with words to relay your experience, but that's just it innit? It's YOUR experience, not everyone's. No matter how much your ego tells you otherwise, you are not an authority. You a merely an explorer in a strange land.

I was talking recently with one of my mentors and they made an excellent point when I said I was unfamiliar with a particular magick practice. They said we're all amateurs. And that is an accurate statement.

Don't let ego cloud your critically thinking mind. Ego is good for a lot of things, but not for critical thinking. Magick is not about your own personal journey alone. It's about everyone's journey and findings. It's important to be open to new ideas, even if you ultimately reject them as unimportant or not useful to your own works and understanding.

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Second, the tapestry you work on in the art of magick is infinite.

Here I will suggest the old mantra, "Nothing is real. Everything is permitted," because I think too often it's used as an excuse for people to be shitty to other people, which is definitely not the intent in my mind.

What the mantra tells me is that there is no right or wrong answer or right or wrong way. There's only the ways that work for you, but that also doesn't discount the ways that work for others. It's a place of free-flow creation on the universal level, creating small tweaks in the system to better our advantages or reach some result we desire.

So, if someone scoffs at your Pokemon Tarot skills, or laughs at your cartoon magick, please know that they are a chud who should be dismissed from your circle. No, seriously, yeet those motherfuckers into the aether. It's not just a cool thing to do, but also good for your mental health.

Third, there's a time and place for everything – even acting like an elitist jackass.

If you say something like "that's not how you do magick," that's what you look like. A right cunty shit who is rather unpleasant. No one in particular likes that pretentious bullshit. So if you're saying something like this, maybe evaluate if that's why everyone dislikes and disagrees with you often.

Now, if you're trying to get a seat in an exclusive restaurant in the city somewhere, acting an elitist shithead may get you a table. It may also get you arrested. So try that one at your own risk.

Finally, I doubt magick cares what you think it is.

Everyone can do magick. Some may not do it well, but they are still capable of doing the things. Some might have more of a knack for it, but that doesn't mean everything else is simple bullshit.

Everything, every itty bitty bit of knowledge you gather contains, even from the most fictitious source, a kernel of truth. There is something there worth being known, and that is the mystery behind it all that makes this so exciting.

We are not professionals. We are just people, explorers of the unknown things. And we each walk a path uniquely our own in the chaos.

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