WIP: ∞ Mysteries Divination System

WIP: ∞ Mysteries Divination System, updates on the site, and more on the HYPERSTITIONS project.

WIP: ∞ Mysteries Divination System

Hey there, chaos fam!

We are back once again to bring you fresh new hotness from the chaos magick current.

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First things first... shout out to the folks who created #OpGrimoire!

The introduction of the Hexorian city magick system is a huge step forward in innovative chaos magick, and I'm really excited to see what others can do with it.

Created by what I would call second gen DKMU kiddies (which is a good thing, gods bless 'em), this is an intricate system that's simple to pick up and play with. I literally had results connecting with Hexorius within minutes. This is definitely a system you want to check out.

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Dark Mode is coming to the chaosmagick.com.

Soon, we should have the capability to turn on/off a dark mode on the site. We've heard you all that suffer from undue eye strain due to the white background, and we're going to give you options!

We're also trying to add in an AI audio reading of each full article. Please allow us some time on that, because even with the help of our amazing robot helpers, it still takes time to process each article and help the AI put in the appropriate pauses and such so it sounds more natural.

WIP: ∞ Mysteries Divination System

Here's one I've been mulling in the background and developing, but I'm now ready to share a bit of info.

You see, I've always wanted to create a "game" of some sort that wasn't really a game at all, but a magickal working. I also wanted to create my own divination system and deck without it being just a rip-off of all the other stuff out there. I also have a huge thing for the 'shared universe' concept of creating.

Since I've been working on the ∞ Mysteries comic, utilizing characters I created specifically for magick, and more recently, dabbling in the world of AI creations, I thought, "Why not make this a thing?" Or at least attempt to, because it's yielded interesting results for me so far.

The goal is to make it into a whole system of divination and magick that's immersive and easy to use but can also be personally tailored to your needs and interests.

Here are some of the production images. I'll post more when I get the prototype in!

What the divination set will include:

  • A 40-card Source Deck of premium Foil Divination cards. (Which can be used with or without the use of the rest of the set.)
  • A bi-fold divination board to assist with your readings.
  • 3 x custom Sigil dice to further assist in your readings.

HYPERSTITIONS Transmedia Project

You can read all about this here:

HYPERSTITIONS Anthology Details

If you'd like to submit anything to the project...

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