What is ChaosPunk?

It's not just some niche punk genre... there's magick stuff, too.

9 months ago

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High Magick, Low Life

No, I'm not talking about the niche punk scene from the 70's-80's, and no, this isn't the chaos magic groups of old full of their contrarian and curmudgeonly followers that lost steam and lost their way.

Magic has become stale, too tied to the past and the dogmas and precepts set forth to grow in its current state. Yes, it still works, but this is not the 16th century any longer, and we certainly can't afford a repeat of the 20th full of it's self-interested magicians.

In short, we are the 21st-century shamans, magic makers of a different sort. Full of the DIY punk spirit and willing to get dirty to save the world.

We are genre, we are a revolution, we are a tribe.

But what the fuck does that mean?

We walk into the future, ready to embrace the weird to get shit done, using magic to get results.

We're punks in the classical sense as we're bucking the status quo of normal and raging against the ethereal machine. We are pure DIY with a fuck the norm aesthetic. Yet we're also something entirely new.

We're a r/evolution, a brand new breed. Something that many will fear and many will embrace. We follow many paths and use whatever means become available to challenge the consensus reality.

We use the arts of magic by intermingling them with the arts of the world, a memetic infection that will spread magic to the masses.

My feeling on the matter is this: words, music, images are the first forms of magic.

We are building this tribe, in which we can all direct that energy and achieve success in the material world doing what we love to do, educating people and maybe opening their mind a bit, and collectively gaining knowledge together.

We will do this by forcing them to examine their dogmas, evaluate their existences, and tune out of the mindless drivel that assaults them, subverting their free will and limiting their perspectives.

We have an opportunity here.

People in the world today are starting to question, with intensity, the "truth" being shoved down their throat.

Division, disruption, disinformation, fake news, lies, and deception are the rules of the day. They are the tools of the elite who wish to hold onto their power.

We have an opportunity to rewrite the OS of humanity but we have to strike now and we need to strike hard. No, we're not trying to save everyone. We're trying to help them save themselves.

Is that a lofty goal? Fuck yes. We don't do small. Go big or go the fuck home.

More to come. The idea is a living, evolving thing. It's an entity all it's own. I'm just asking you to adopt it and let's see what happens.

Thanks for your time. Things are about to get strange.

Please leave a comment and let us know what you think!

The Occulturist

Published 9 months ago


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