What is Chaos Magick?

Many have tried to explain, but this is one take on it...

What is Chaos Magick?

If you ask a thousand and one people to define it, you'd likely get a thousand and one different answers. It is both enduring and ephemeral.

But what is chaos magick and how is it any different than other magick?

In function, it's the same as any other occult system. You have a desire; you do some sort of spell work or ritual intending to make that desire come true, and then you sit and wait for the results.

Chaos magick is different because while most systems follow rigid rule sets in order to achieve those results, rule sets do not bind the chaos magician in such a way. We routinely dismiss anything that gets in our way for expediency and efficiency.

I cannot give you a literal definition. I can only give you what works for me.

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Chaos magick is experimentation, a willingness to explore, to succeed at manifesting your will using whatever means necessary to achieve said results.

But... that's just the basics, the skeleton framework of chaos magick. If you ask any chaote to define chaos magick, you will receive a different answer from every single one.

Finding one absolute definition isn't so easy as it's based on the perception of the magician doing the work. I, for example, have changed my definition of what chaos magick is many times. Each time, the definition was correct... for me.

This leads us to something that I see a lot of new chaotes struggle with, and that is holding onto preconceived ideas of what magick is and isn't.

For example, while magick can get the results you desire, you also need to put in the work to make those results happen. If you do a ritual for more money but you don't buy the lottery ticket or go to work that day, the chances of you coming into that money is damn near zero.

My theory surrounding this is that magick itself is simply a probability enhancer. You put your intent into the world, do a ritual to seal those energies and bind them to your will, and then you do the work to make them happen. Chances are, when you do that, you'll see a lot more success with your magick.

In closing, my suggestion is this... fuck definitions.

If you really want to see the maximum results of magick, keep an open mind. Don't get locked into dogmatic thinking. Don't worry about what it is, but about what it can do. Put in the work and make your desires real.

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