What is a Sigil?

An easy to understand summary of sigils, what they are, and how they work.

7 months ago

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Sigils are one of the most basic, but also most powerful, forms of beginner magicks.

You work with sigils all day, every day, and have done so since you were old enough to distinguish shape and form with your eyes.

You've been inudated with sigil magick, and it's still fed to you via a 24/7 feed. They are the logos and slogans, the memes and the fads you consume daily.

And there are many and varied ways you can create them.

You can use the system Spare teaches, or the slightly changed version that Morrison once spoke about.

For all intents and purposes, in chaos magick sigils are simply fire and forget servitors meant to accomplish (in most cases) a direct and single intent.

You can use methods such as White's sigil shoaling technique to amplify and increase the effect of your spell work, but that is also little more than stacked, sigilized servitor drones meant to enact your will.

Sigils are simply bits of creative energy, fashioned into something that looks reasonably magick to you, and imbued with intent and purpose to carry out a task.

The tasks are very much up to you. They're not subject to any moral restrictions, but we invite restraint. The saying you get what you wish for can sometimes be very real and very tragic.

On the positive side, they almost always work as long as you're realistic with your desires and work to make them happen. It's a mutual investment between you and the universe.

So, get out a pad and pencil. Make some scribbles. Imbue it with intent and desire for results. Do magick.

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The Occulturist

Published 7 months ago


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