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7 months ago

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Thank you so much for becoming a member of our site, our community, and our newsletter!

For those previously subscribed to the Insider newsletter, this one will be taking over permanently! (Additionally, you have a free membership to a cool chaos magick site!)

You are now part of a fantastic, magickal experiment in occult publishing and community building, and we are so delighted to have you with us.

We wanted to give you some info about what this new platform means and what you can do!

What is about?

What are we not about?

Where can you find interesting things available to our free memberships?

You can, of course, simply browse the site to see the many articles we have for you on everything from magick theory to occult fiction and more.

Why would you want to upgrade to a premium membership?

Here's a breakdown of the tier costs for you:

Promoter Tier coming soon...

We'll be bringing you some original programming as podcasts and streaming entertainment on our Discord server. Our paying customers get a bit more, such as being invited to take part in projects and things of that nature, but everyone will get to enjoy the show.

The entire tier structure does two things:

  1. Give our audience ways to support us, in a way they can afford, while still getting to experience the team's hard work.
  2. Give us a way to cover the costs of operation at a minimum.

We produce all our publications in easy to handle PDF format. That keeps overhead low and production high, which means if you're on a paid tier, you get access to ALL of our digital goodies.

This includes zines, comics, podcasts, any streaming events we record, etc., and we'll probably throw in some stuff with us acting like idiots occasionally just for giggles.

Why should you give us your money?

First off, please consider our premium tiers is more a pledge of support for the continued production of cool stuff. And you'll get to see firsthand how the sOOp is made.

It's not really about you getting "stuff" on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. It's about us, as artists, providing you with something unique to experience by having the funds to help make it. (You will get "stuff," too, though.)

Your support enables us to expand what we can do. We put the money you send to us back into the platforms and the community. You help promote the arts and independent publishing with every subscribed membership.

It comes down to this:

If you like what the contributors and the staff at do, please support us in whatever way you can. This isn't a slick, corporate pill type of operation.

We're just artists and magicians trying to help other artists and magicians.

Mostly, we're excited you're here.

We think this will be a most excellent magickal experiment, and we're glad you've joined us in the experience.

May you always remain fortunate and entertained.

~ The Team

Published 7 months ago


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