We Want You!

Let us love you!

We Want You!

Okay, first off, Army is a bit strong...

But we do want to promote your work! For free! So, if you're doing a creative thing in the occult realm, let us know and we'll plug it for you.

It does not matter if you're a chaote, either. This is for ANY occultist (barring nasty, bigoty, alt-right leaning shitheel types) who want new eyes on their creative hustle.

As I've said before, this project was never about making a ton of money off of others. This project has always been about promoting creative work in the occult community, about providing a safe, troll-free community to talk about magick, and a place where learning is a collaborative effort.

There are no gurus here.

Our community doesn't require you to listen to some central figure pontificate freshmen philosophy made up of regurgitated material. We do magick, we make magick, we are magick. There are no need for gurus when all are equal. When everyone is the chosen one, well, gurus just seem silly.

So, join us!

We'd love to have you in the community. You can check out our links below. Also, if you're not down with getting on any of the social media platforms, just send an email to joe@chaosmagick.com or serena@chaosmagick.com with the subject line: "SHAMPOW! Here's my occulty thing!"

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