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Today, February 22, 2022, is in the exact position Pluto was in 1776 when the USA was founded.

3 months ago

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Pluto, the most misunderstood and strange of planets.

While we can hold it in the light of transformation, rebirth, and redemption, it can just as easily be held in the light of the foulest, most profane and crude ways, too. Let’s delve into the Lord of the Underworld.

We named Pluto after the Greek God, Pluto. In Greek Pluto, or Pluton, can mean the Giver of Wealth or “the Wealthy one.” While Pluto is also referred to as Hades, Hades, after a while, became the name for the Underworld, and Pluto was the ruler. There is conflicting information about the mythos.  

Our beloved Pluto was discovered in 1930 and declared the 9th planet of our solar system. Pluto lost its planet hood and was reduced to the title a Dwarf Planet in 2006. Pluto has a heart-shaped ocean, full of poisonous ice full of nitrogen. It was reported that a thin layer of this melts during the day, just to refreeze at night. This “pumping” action was discovered to control wind patterns on Pluto. One could say this has an eerie symbolism attached to it.  

In astrology, Pluto has developed a bit of a bad reputation, although it’s more of a generational planet, not an interpersonal one.

It takes Pluto about 248 years to complete a cycle around the sun. Interestingly, enough, because of Pluto's elliptical orbit around the sun, it can sit in a zodiac sign anywhere from 9 years to 30 years. (We must remember, Pluto hasn't made a full orbit since its discovery.)

Thus, compared to other planets like Mercury, Venus, Mars (the inner planets) or even the first two outer planets, Jupiter and Saturn, Pluto takes a lot longer to show its effects. Not saying it doesn’t affect us, considering it’s still sitting in a house, in our natal charts and there will be aspects to the various planets in your chart. And there will always be transits of other planets. Pluto transits are a more slow burn. Instead of crunching everything up in the time, it takes Mercury or even Venus to transit through a house.

Some aspects and relations to other planets are more difficult than others. Your relationship with Pluto likely will change throughout your life and not match up to others. Once again, this depends on various factors in the natal and any aspects to other planets going on.

The keywords for Pluto in astrology are transformation, degeneration, regeneration, rebirth, refinement, annihilation, evolution, power struggles, control, coercion, letting go of the old, inner resources, sex, and taboo.

It can also tap into the collective unconscious and shadow.

Interestingly enough, Pluto can be attributed and associated with minerals and resources on the Earth (precious metals, minerals, oil, etc.) To think about the REFINEMENT process to use these resources from the deep Earth, and the POWER and CONTROL over them as well. Lest not forget the transformation coal goes through to become diamonds.

In the astrology courses I took, they also mentioned that Atomic Energy is very Plutonian. While we must not take this too deeply, as many countries and Empires have survived, and even thrived during Pluto Returns.

Speaking of Pluto Returns…

Today, February 22, 2022, is in the exact position Pluto was in 1776 when the USA was founded. There has been a lot of speculation, fear-mongering, and confusion around this. We should remember that there are plenty of empires and countries that walked through their Pluto Returns without completely being destroyed.

England themselves has had three, and let's talk about the stark difference between two of them.

1310 was England's first Pluto Return. During this Pluto Return, there was a great famine, as well as a mini ice age. The people lost trust and faith with their religious leaders, and the rulers of their country as many people died. Despite the thoughts and prayers, and the government body failing to assist "the people." Interestingly enough, England was in the middle of trying to overthrow Scotland as well, which Scotland won.

In 1555, England's royal family was fighting for the crown after King Henry VIII beheading. In 1558, this ended when Queen Elizabeth I stepped into power, heralding in what is considered a Golden Age for England (granted, unless you were poor.) This truly embodies the phoenix, death/rebirth of an Empire after a bloodbath of tyranny, control, and power struggles.

In 1800, the most recent Pluto Return, the UK was formed, combing England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and the Isles of Mann.

Let's talk about the US Pluto situation now.

Pluto is in Capricorn (Nov 2008-Jan 2024). Let’s just quickly go over Capricorn. Capricorn rules over inner structure (EX: skeleton and teeth), government bodies, big business, and even capitalism. Capricorn is very money and business oriented. Pluto can expose the shadow aspects, the control, the power struggles.

The entire time that Pluto has been in Capricorn, the United States foundation of big business, economics, and capitalistic nature has been becoming increasingly unstable. And ever since 2020, it seems the cracks in the system are getting increasingly larger.

It’s hard to say exactly what would happen, but as seen by past events, astrology and other transits… The USA’s government system is falling apart. Although ugly aspects of Pluto can strike fear into our hearts (and it should. Pluto will come for you in the ugliest ways sometimes, especially when there is resistance.) The US comprises a corrupt government, misuse of resources and money, and a broken foundation that was built off slavery, genocide, and maintained through profit via war.

It is undeniable the USA is in for a rough few years, and it will echo this around the world. Sometimes change isn’t pretty, especially when it’s been avoided for so long. Corruption, greed, power, and control have festered for far too long. We cannot ignore that the system itself is desperately flawed and changes need to be made. And Pluto will ensure it happens, come hell or high water. But we must remember that while Pluto has a nasty side, there is a rebirth. There is transformation and regeneration. Just as the process for diamonds to form, or to refine metals to a purer form… It’s difficult.

But remember, the violent eruption of a volcano overtime creates fertile land. And that is the true energy of our beloved Pluto.

Roxi Phoenix

Published 3 months ago


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