We Are Not For Sale

You are not a commodity, and we are not either.

We Are Not For Sale

You are not a commodity, and we are not either.

For the past few years, we've been working to build something, and we've gone through quite a few versions to get to where we are now. We've built in public, we've made mistakes in public, and we've regrouped in public. The whole process has been pretty transparent.

One thing we never really wanted to do was make a "For Profit" style of operation. CMC (chaosmagick.com), and GZS (groundzerosum) before it, were always meant to be a useful resource to the occult community in various ways.

It wasn't just supposed to stoke the imagination and entertain with articles and content. It was meant to get the occult creators involved, to give them a platform from which they could build and publicize their work, and to give people a community that nourished much more than just our occult interests.

This was never meant to be a product, but a service. And one that was available to everyone, no matter their station in life or the funds in their wallet.

This was meant to be a place of creation and community.

What we strive for is not some clout dominant guru platform. No one involved in the "leadership" of CMC wants to be idolized or looked at as an authority on anything. We're creators, looking to find and help other creators. We want to build a welcoming space that offers a plethora of opportunities for the independent occult creator to prosper and shine.

We strongly believe in freedom of information and education. It's our belief that an open platform like that, with good moderation to keep the bad actors at bay, presents the best opportunity to those out there that wish to make their voice heard, create a legacy, or simply to display their creativity.

We have a fantastic Discord community, which presents a lot of opportunity for streamers and podcasters who want to start off with a built-in live audience ready to see what they offer.

There's also our PeerTube instance, chaote.tube, which is a fully self-owned and operated video platform very similar to YouTube but without all the Google bullshit. It's connected to the larger Fediverse, a social community with millions of people that are in tune with what you are putting out there.

We also have our social media platform, social.chaosmagick.com, on Mastodon, which is also connected to that same Fediverse of millions of people, doesn't rely on algorithms to push your message, and allows creators to build meaningful connections to their audience.

The best thing about all this? Completely creator controlled and operated. There is no "big corporation" that tells us what we can and can't do. We are in control of our destiny on these platforms. We own them.

It is important to note, we are a NOT FOR PROFIT co-op style operation of indie occult creators.

And our goal is to keep this as affordable as possible to all involved, but it's also important to remember it costs money.

Currently, 97% of the platform costs, which now total approx. $200 a month, is handled by one person. This is a pretty unreliable and potentially bad way of doing things. If that person goes away, so does all the cool content and helpful resources and community.

But as we said above, you are not a commodity to us. You're not a "customer." You're a community member who wants to be here because you enjoy what you get in return.

And we absolutely WILL NOT sell your personal data that you provide on any of our platforms or run ads outside of promotion for our community.

So, that leaves us with donations and memberships.

If we can get half of our active community to donate just $12 a year, we can keep our platforms alive with basically no pressure whatsoever. And it's easily done by going to Liberapay and making a really easy donation.

Or, if you're inclined to get something a bit more for your money, we have multiple levels of membership options at chaosmagick.com. You get access to some BTS stuff we don't put out publicly, archived material, etc., and your money goes directly back into supporting our platforms and keeping indie occult media production alive.

Above all else, our intention is not to "get rich" off the back of our community. Once we've covered yearly costs and any maintenance/upgrades that are necessary, anything extra that might be left over will be diverted into funding creator projects - publishing, video and audio production, podcast production, streaming, and things of that nature.

We want to create and help others create. That's our purpose.

If you can, consider sending us $12 for the year.

That's, like, two coffees at a popular coffee shop or one big McDonald's combo meal. And that little bit of support can go a long way to help this dream stay alive.

Regardless, we're still going to keep trying to accomplish our goals for as long as we possibly can and help build occult community and nourish a welcoming and safe occult community for those in the lifestyle and enthusiasts that just want to learn a little.

Thank so much for your support so far. We are undeniably grateful for it and we hope to be able to serve our community for a long time.

~ Mistah V / 12.2.2022

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