Unplug Your Social Media Influencers

I was going to call this article Kill Your Social Media Influencers, but I know people these days. There’s a dumbass who would take it way too literal and next thing you know, someone’s dead. But that’s why I am writing this article.

3 months ago

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I was going to call this article Kill Your Social Media Influencers, but I know people these days.

There’s a dumbass who would take it way too literal and next thing you know, someone’s dead. But that’s why I am writing this article.

The evolution of social media has been quite an interesting journey. I started out with LiveJournal as a teen, and shortly after, MySpace came along. Then Facebook, and well...

It’s grown to what we have today. The concept of social media is relatively new in the blip of humanity, and to be fair… The effects of social media are just coming to light and some of it is quite scary. Ranging from teen girls with eating disorders, to young boys being groomed to alt-right and violence. And there is the anonymous vast playground for predators to stalk.

With the bad comes good, though!

We can connect with people around the world that we have common interests and beliefs with. We can share and learn about cultures. It’s quite amazing. The ability to get information and learn has taken things to a whole new level, too. At our fingertips, a vast library of endless information sits.

Aside from all that, how does this affect occulture?

The uptick of interest in witchcraft and the occult has been pretty noticeable. It’s quite amazing, for many of us, we’ve found connections we could never have had just 20 years ago. It’s completely re-shaped occult communities. For most of us, our practice can be done openly, in some space or another. Even those who are in the broom closet don’t have to be alone anymore.

In previous articles, I talked a bit about the concept of a natural web of life, as well as a superficial web of light. I will delve deeper into that concept.

Occult books are full of more information and insight, providing us with the magick, wisdom, and wonder of magicians of days past. However, sometimes those books are limited through the lens of a certain group of people.

Sometimes these people are cast upon thrones, worshiped and revered.

When really, they were humans who studied ancient texts, traveled the world, fucked around, found out,and had access to a publisher. Most probably were really shitty humans, but aren't most of us in one way or another? Could you imagine if Aleister Crowley or Helena Blavasky had social media? Think about it. It probably would look a lot like your average occult-tok or witchtok influencer, to be honest.

We live in a period of multiple lost generations. Searching for healing, searching for truth. The illusions of our grandparents have long been shattered. So, lost and disconnected from ourselves, from our families, our society, and nature… We turn to our phones and social media. And we follow people who have more knowledge and experience than us. It’s easier to watch quick videos than read a book, right?

We are disconnected from these people, yet they give us a doorway to their beliefs, opinions, magick, and all that.

They put that good stuff out, and slowly, over time, we take their word as the whole truth. We give our power away as we hang onto every word. We stop thinking for ourselves, only listening to the wisdom of our social media gurus.

Suddenly, we have these people… Who are really just people.. Drunken on the ego of having thousands, if not millions of followers. With great power comes great responsibility. Suddenly they are providing the wrong information, misguiding people, sending people on witch hunts to bully those who oppose them, and creating a sick, cult-like following who will jump off the closest bridge as the simple wave of a wand by their guru.

Remember, once upon a time, only certain people had access to the bible and the ability to read.

The masses relied upon these “Hierophants” for the word of God. Hanging onto every word the perceived messenger of God had. And heaven forbid anyone EVER question what they have to say. It is the highest truth, and no one should question anything.

Social media has created the same effect. People turn outward for the answers, for the knowledge, for their truth. And by doing so, we give our power away. We blindly follow others, neglect our own ability to read, ponder ye orbs, and practice our own magick.

We have access to the same books, the same websites, and the same tools. So, stop following other people’s shit and carve your own. Stop giving your power away, blindly following shitty influencers, and start doing shit yourself. Find a community where you are equal, not putting someone on a pedestal and hanging onto every word they say.

Unplug your Social Media Occultist Influencer and become your own Hierophant. doesn't exist without you!

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Roxi Phoenix

Published 3 months ago


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