Unblessed Be

- Some do not deserve blessings. -

Unblessed Be

Chaos magickians in general tend to be tolerant of the spiritual decisions of others.

Seeing all belief, history and folklore as interchangeable, many will evaluate these enduring social metaphors individually to see if any short-term benefit can be derived from adopting them.

This ersatz approach to divinity is one of the main reasons followers of more formulaic magickal paths have a deep-seated mistrust for those who openly wear the eight-pointed star. It has always been a path of rebellion against old ideas and social norms, and a certain level of suspicion is par for the course.

To be fair, this scorn is not generally reciprocated.

Skeptics, Christians, Wiccans and all who find solace in more rigid ideas are treated equally.

As long as these true believers do not impede the day to day functioning of the world that the chaote has woven around themselves, it remains relatively easy to view their spirituality, or lack thereof, with a certain level of intrigued objectivity.

Add to that the fact that some chaotes consider their fall back position between rituals to be one of materialistic agnosticism and it is easy to see why most are shunned by both their fellow occultists and the mainstream alike.

Yet more so than any other mystical discipline, the multifaceted research of the average chaos magickian exposes them to many aspects of human spirituality, which are detrimental to the freedoms and safety of the wider occult community.

This is especially true of the rise of Christofascism in the West.

While not every follower of Christ can be considered equally opposed to more Liberal ideas, there is a notable resurgence of indiscriminate zealotry within that path.

Worse, chaos magick itself has been implicated in this shift, aiding the election of President Trump in 2016 through the creation of the Pepe egregore and the use of memetic sorcery throughout the campaign.

Yet while there are voices within occultism who share the same ultra Conservative and indeed perhaps Alt-Right views as the Christofascists, most of those who worship at the feet of the blood soaked Carpenter would rather that uneasy coalition with the occult was quickly forgotten.

We, however, should never let that happen. A movement that buries its mistakes does not last long. Unless it's the Catholic Church, of course, but they have both numbers and money on their side to help keep justice at bay.

It is time to embrace the method, if not the meaning of those political memetic operations.

A call to use whatever works has long been at the core of the chaos doctrine, and the tools of the enemy within our very own ranks are as potent a sorcery as any other.

Because regardless of the damage that Right Wing magickians have done to the public perception of chaos magick as a movement, now would be a terrible time to abandon it.

If reality is indeed an exercise in majority rule, and the mainstream is dancing to the beat of a very different drum, then it is fair to say that those who dedicate their lives to occultism can be interpreted as a virus eating away at the natural order.

As with the sorcerers back in the early days of civilization, they are the little annoying shards of entropy that refuse to be silenced, the dirty little secret standing between the priestly class and global control.

Both religion and atheism thrive on order, and the average chaos magickian requires anything but.

Chaotes are natural outsiders, and well suited to social activism because of their already liminal status. Add to this an all-consuming desire to challenge authority and the result is an anarchic magickal powder keg just waiting to burn down the very Conservative institutions that seem to define the post Millennial zeitgeist.

So take a bow, everyone, and embrace the shadows.

Disregard the mainstream and those both within occultism and without who would excommunicate you for crimes that were not your own.

Avoid normality in all its many guises, and forget trying to improve the world for those who refuse to look beyond their echo chambers, as these changes are nothing if not unwanted.

Leave the damned to burn.

They act like they deserve nothing better.

There is so much to gain from embracing the night side of your nature, from dropping the false piety and social trappings forced upon you by a world still in the grip of Satanic panic.

Every chaos magickian is an avatar of personal will and an heir or heiress to a legacy long denied by people who fear the outsider, the unclean. Know that while you will never be accepted, that very lack of approval is your greatest strength.

Ignore them all, you wondrous entropic demigods, and just unblessed be.

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