To Hex or Not to Hex

If you must hex, consider these options.

To Hex or Not to Hex

One of the big rotating "hot takes" we often see in the witchcraft community (I am looking at you, WitchTok) is hexing, cursing, and other "baneful" workings.

There are quite a few opinions about this.

My thoughts? Do it. But ask yourself, "Is this worth the energy, the supplies, and so forth?"

Some people absolutely suck definitely deserve it. Others? Maybe not so much. Also, we don't gotta toss everyone in a "Fuck You Jar." There are other methods and workings we can use as well. Here are just a few. Take them, leave it, make it your own.

May they inspire you.

Freezer Spells

Toss them in a jar or baggie full of water and put it in the freezer. You can add various herbs to the process, as you please. Perhaps, sugar.. To sweeten things up. Or freeze them in vinegar. Who cares? Do what feels right for you.


Need someone to have their shit reflect on them? Or perhaps they need a good dose of self-reflection. Make a mirror box or get some mirrors and surround around whatever you would use to represent them.

Moving Water

Go to a river, or a stream.. Something that has flowing water. Find a stick and carve or write their name on the stick. Toss it in the water, and ask the Water Spirits this person move on or away from your life. Or perhaps they need to let something go so you two can relate better. Be sure your intent for what you need is there.

Cord Cutting

This essentially can help you cut the energetic cord from someone unhealthy and move on from them. If this person has to remain in your life, this isn't a suitable solution.


Popularized by the movie The Craft. This can bind someone from harming you. Be sure to write about the specific actions they are doing.


Sometimes there are people in your life you cannot remove for whatever reason. Toss their name in some sugar, and this will help soften your interactions with them and make them more pleasant.

Hot Foot Powder

This is Hoodoo Folk Magic. Essentially, it's a combination of certain powders that can drive away unwanted people and energies. Purchase it from a Hoodoo practitioner and help support their business!


This can uncross any magick or energy that has been thrown your way that you feel is affecting you negatively.


This removes and banishes anything is a negative energy, entity, or influence that is bogging you down.

The Power of Blocking

We cannot underestimate the ability to block people online, their phone numbers, and so forth. This is a form of banishment.

Basic Protection

This can be a talisman or crystal you carry to protect yourself, wards you setup around your room or house for protection. This is just a basic method to set up protection around yourself, preemptive blocking so you can carry on with your life.

Petition for Justice

Ask your deity, the Universe, or whoever/whatever you turn to perform an act of Justice as seen fit for the situation. This puts the karmic energy out of your hands.

There are many methods, workings and so forth one can do to someone who has done wrong.

And while I am absolutely supportive and non-judgemental of this. Do what you need to do.

Just remember, we get to a point where we need to take our power back and move forward with our life. Sometimes holding onto a grudge, resentment or the pain ends up eventually holding us back. I'm not saying forgiveness, but learning to let go the best we can, pending the circumstances.

Healing and moving forward, especially when it's clear the person will never take accountability or recognize how they have harmed us, is sometimes the only thing we can do. And it is hard, especially when it is something we should never have had to experience or go through. However, you deserve a life of peace and happiness.

Whatever your path looks like getting there, may you find it soon.

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