Hey, any of y‘all want some technomagick?

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Hey, any of y‘all want some technomagick?

Here‘s a ritual greeting used between techno magi to set ritual space and unlock Cheat Mode. It is known as THEE ANCIENT AND HOLY KONAMI CODE.

While designed to be performed by two facing magi (2-player Co-Op mode), with claps on B, A, & START, it may be easily and suitably changed to any non-zero number of magi.

Begin and end with hands in “prayer position,” as well as returning to this position between each “button press.”

The attached diagram illustrates the proper steps, with the arrows describing “your” motions, and the figure illustrates your partner. Thee Code is as follows;

UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B (right hand) A (left hand) START (both hands)

Go ye forth and unlock cheat mode!

Saeihr Auberon Kay Williams

Published 7 months ago


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