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Another day, another newsletter!

3 months ago

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Another day, another newsletter!

Some of you have probably noticed, but I haven't been on point with getting a weekly newsletter out. The problem is that I would attempt to write three or more new articles in the newsletter and it became very cumbersome.

So, from now on, short opening messages, links to cool stuff, concise. On with the show!

CMC Podcast and Live Streams

Our latest episode features an interview with Jaq D. Hawkins by our own lovely Roxi Phoenix!

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You can also join us over at our Discord for the Friday Night Unwind every week, where we talk about magick stuff, world stuff, and more often than not, Jesus erotica.

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Unplug Your Social Media Influencers
I was going to call this article Kill Your Social Media Influencers, but I know people these days. There’s a dumbass who would take it way too literal and next thing you know, someone’s dead. But that’s why I am writing this article.
A Hexin’ We Will Go!
Many don’t believe in the powers of hexes. These people have obviously never been the true target of one.
We Don’t Talk About Pluto
Today, February 22, 2022, is in the exact position Pluto was in 1776 when the USA was founded.
F23 Podcast: New Grant Morrison interview!
If you haven’t been listening to F23, then you’ve been missing out.
Special Release: Meta Goes “Witch Hunting”
There’s been quite the rumble on social media about Meta’s new guidelines towards certain demographics and their ban on using targeted ads.
Free Trial because We Still Love You!
Check out the premium perks with one week free!
A Lifetime of Tulpamancy
A few words on the art of Tulpamancy
The Meat Hook
There comes a time in every magickian’s life when they need to take a stand.
Creator Spotlight: Sammy Gravis
By tapping into the raw source of chaos and creativity, Sammy Gravis expresses her deepest thoughts, feelings, and self.
The Occultists Big Brother Program
When you turn away any young practitioner because of their age or the questions they ask, there could be some feelings of dejection popping in, or they might look for other groups of angry people.
Covens, Lodges, and various Red Flags
... sometimes, these groups end up being inexplicably toxic, resulting in a terrible experience for the still wet-behind-the-ears newbie.

Know what you can handle and hold what you got.

In today's world, there's this constant pressure to be "always on." We suffer burnout more frequently, we're all running a side hustle, we're maintaining our social media presence, and we kill ourselves for every morsel of attention we get for our projects.

While I think all of that is very necessary, the "always on" part is ridiculous. You need down time. You need to relax and live life, because the living of life informs our creations. And as I've said before, you can't pour from an empty cup.

So, take some time to recharge. Get off the internet for a few hours. Read a book. Get a massage. Take a nap. Be easy on yourself so you can do great things. doesn't exist without you!

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Joe Forest

Published 3 months ago


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