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Making it so and getting it done.

4 months ago

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So, last week I gave myself and all of you an excuse for taking breaks and practicing self-care. This week, I'm doing the opposite.

This week is all about getting shit done and getting results, because to everything there is a balance and if the balance is maintained, success is the result.

I almost had to name the newsletter "Bi-Weekly Chaote," which does not roll off the tongue. Lots of real world stuff happened over the course of the weekend that made me lose track of both a planned contributor meeting and this very newsletter. So, this week we're also going to talk about when things go sideways and how to correct that.

Here are our topics:

Doing Magick and Getting Results.

Ray Sherwin has written much about results based magick, as have many others. They've probably done it better than I can ever sum up in the traditional sense. I find influence in other regions of philosophy, too. For example, here's David Lynch on doing art:

I believe art and magick go hand in hand, so this advice is very motivating for me when I'm having a slow week. This, of course, makes me think of some excellent advice from Grant Morrison:

Bottom line is belief and just getting it done is a lot of what makes magick, well, magick. You'll never win the lottery if you don't buy the ticket. You'll never get the reward without taking a risk.

Do the work and magick happens.

Daily Magicks: Returning the favor.

There are times, whether or not you believe in hexes or curses, that you will have times in your occult adventure that seem particularly hard. One of the best things you can do is have a handy dandy banishing technique to get rid of "bad vibes."

When I feel as if I need to clear the air, I like to use my Tibetan bell. The frequency of the bell cleanses my home quickly. Throw in a couple of mantras of intent, and feel your little dome of protection hum to life.

When a continued attack is sent your way, I like to use something I picked up living in Japan. First, find something similar to this as some mood music. I think it helps.

This is when you summon a Yōkai. I recommend a Mononoke, as they love to eat the ill intent and wreak havoc in battle.

You let your shield down and take in the ill intent of the wicked things sent your way, and then you let the Yōkai feast. Allow them to follow the line of intent back to the creator. Seal up your shield.

What do you do when you fail?

Unless you're of the belief that you are infallible (which you aren't), you will upon occasion not succeed at doing something you planned on doing. It's really easy to fall into a self-pity trauma stew.

I've been there, and it's not a lot of fun. Everything sucks. Making things isn't very fun. Magick isn't doing it for me. Everything is just meh.

I give myself a day or two for the blues, and then I start something new. (Someone should turn that into a folksy country song.)

Seriously, just launch into something and make stuff. Take this opportunity to make something altogether new, or finish a long dormant project, or read a book. Get inspired. Find a new groove.

The whole crying in a pillow thing is cool for a minute, but when you're going through hell, the only way is through.

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Get it done.

Sometimes, when you really don't feel like doing things is when you need to get them done the most. You don't feel good and you just want to rest, but you've made a commitment and you need to keep it.

Just get it done.

This is a mantra that has served me well throughout most of my life. Trust me when I say there have been many times in my life where I absolutely didn't want to do what must be done.

Once the task is complete, it never seems that bad, but the first step of just doing it is so hard sometimes. Just get it done. One foot in front of the other.

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