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Almost one month into 2022 and we're full steam ahead!

4 months ago

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Almost one month into 2022 and we're full steam ahead!

One thing I can say about the CMC project is that it always seems like it's turned to 11, and since that coincides with the issue number, it makes sense to cover it a bit.

After taking a much needed break, this week I'm going to talk about some things I've learned while helping create the CMC, some things it's taught me, and how I've rolled that nicely into my magick.

Topics Roll-Call:

Getting the hell out of your own way!

I was extremely hesitant to start this project. I had just shut down my previous project and it didn't do very well. Honestly, I just wanted to focus on my thing and used the pandemic as an excuse to do it.

However, the community I've met online and in real life are very much my family in a way. So, as much as I wanted to hide away, I just couldn't. A lot of you are wonderful people and you're worth knowing, and I couldn't help but notice some of the shitty things happening in our community.

But how does one stand up after failing, though? It's a hard thing to do, yeah? To wipe the mud out of your eyes and feel like everyone's eyes are on you is an anxiety ridden feeling.

This forced me into something I call a small dark night, where I really examined this feeling of fear and failure and forced myself to handle this issue. I looked back on my life, my experiences, and I asked myself what the most defining feature of that lifetime was.

What it boiled down to was "fuck fear." Do what you have to do, but also do what you want to do. No apologies. And when you inevitably fall, pick yourself up and keep going.

Be weird, be queer, be smart, be loud, paint, read tarot... do whatever the fuck you want, but do it to the best of your ability. The only thing holding you back from that is you.

Tweets I liked:

Daily Magicks: Meditation Made Easy

Meditation has always been hard for me. I have a million and one things running through my head all the time. Schedules, chores, projects, and other work always seem to beckon me to be done.

The only trick I know that works almost 100% of the time for me is the use of fire.

I remember as a kid staring into bonfires we made in the field next to our house and feel an extreme peace come over me watching the designs play out in the flames.

When I've considered it, it's an instinctual thing, possibly a genetic memory, of a time long ago. So, I built a fire pit in my backyard to recapture that feeling. (Yes, I burn things safely! Setting the neighborhood on fire brings the wrong kind of attention.)

Meditation in seconds. Gnosis. Becoming one with the Other. Whatever you want to call it. Just like when I was a kid, that familiar feeling of natural magick.

This probably wouldn't work for everyone, of course. Different strokes for different folks and all that. But it's worth a try if you can't seem to get it done any other way.

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More Self-Care Tips: Because going insane permanently is quite disadvantageous.

You may notice that you're getting this newsletter a day later than normal. That's because I chose my mental health over all of you. Sorry, not sorry. I love you all, but I will not let a newsletter schedule drive me mad.

But I write to you today, happy and healthy! Only partially mad at the tea party in Wonderland sense! It's fantastic and I feel pretty good. I wish I'd have slept easier, but dreaming has been a chore lately.

Here are a few more things I've learned to take care of myself while doing this project, along with all my other daily responsibilities:

Bottom line, if you don't take of yourself, you won't be able to do any of the things you want to do, eventually. I have seen, for example, how much preparation makes things easier. I've also seen how taking it easy on yourself increases your productivity.

Give some of these tips a shot and see if they help you!

Here are some more tips from Dave Lee on self-care via a free course you can get today over at his site Chaotopia!

Magical Self-Care

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Since time immemorial, human beings have expressed ideas through symbols and glyphs.
Chesed: The Fourth Sepher and Human Retrograde
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Every spiritual discipline eventually runs up against the sticky question of exactly how the dead could remain in our reality to mess with the living.
CMC Press Release: Accepts Role on the Advocacy Council
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Shimshoshahana: An Example of Play
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The Write Magick
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CMC Updates, news, and more...

As we said at the top, CMC has ratcheted up to 11 and we are constantly adapting our approach. I'm a firm believer of "KISS" (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principles. Part of my day job is process improvement, and I've been doing it since I was in the military.

The military taught me that efficiency in action and adaptation to environment are key to success. Simple focus, be situationally aware at all times, and always have back-up/exit strategies.

Channel your inner Cyclops.

With that in mind, I'm going to focus more on production of articles and the newsletter and take part in livestream events on the Discord server. Specifically, I'll be on the Friday Night Unwinds most of the time. (8PM CST every Friday.)

Joel and Roxi will be the primary interviewers on the CMC Presents podcast, with me acting as a showrunner. What do I mean by showrunner? Think Lorne Michaels on SNL. Planning the show, getting guests lined-up, notes on edits, making sure schedules are met, etc.

Podcasts will also start focusing more on single interviews. This is mostly because the content is just too good to split time. Every interview we've done so far has had such good content, it's hard to cut much out of them. This should also allow us to turn the podcast out faster. (Simpler focus, greater efficiency.)

I will also do contributor outreach livestreams on Discord. These are opportunities for current contributors and those interested in finding out more about contributing can get more info straight from the source of truth. (Our first one is on Feb. 5, at 9AM CST.)

Basically, I'm focusing on being an EIC and Head of Creative Development, which is exactly the role I gave myself initially. I've always had an interest in radio and writing, organization and community. I think I'll be focusing on that.

Until next time!

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