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It's been very busy here at the CMC in the new year! Tons of interviews, tons of networking, and tons of magick!

5 months ago

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Welcome back, once again, chaos fam!

It's been very busy here at the CMC in the new year! Tons of interviews, tons of networking, and tons of magick! 2022 seems to be kicking off for us in a big way (Thanks, Mercury!) and we're looking at doing big things over the course of the year (Poppa Saturn willing.)

This week we'll talk about:

Chaos Magick Association
The Chaos Magick Association is the proprietor organization that runs We produce writing, art, music, podcasts, streams, and more. We hope to bring you the very best and most entertaining array of chaotes you’ve ever imagined. We’re here to do magick and chew bubblegum, and we’re…

CMC Presents and other CMC live programming in 2022!

We've already got a LOT of insightful interviews being edited to push out to you all this year via CMC Presents. We've ventured into the known and unknown to bring you some of the best magick insight around!

We've got so much material, in fact, we're looking for contributors that are interested in audio and video editing. If that sounds interesting, reach out to [email protected] for more info.

Our livestream game is also going to be picking up!

Our regularly scheduled programming will include our Friday Night Unwind stream, where we'll chat about random magickal topics and invite others to speak their opinions as well. It's very similar to open mic night for chaotes.

Also on the menu is BS (Belief Systems) Church every Sunday, where Son Ginga explores the various dogmas of the world with our members.

Hop on our Discord server and join one of the best damn chaos magick communities out there!

Join the CHAOSMAGICK.COM Discord Server!
The #1 official Discord server! Magick happens here! | 431 members

Posts found elsewhere that are worth reading:

Some reflections on a statement «
“Nothing is True …” Oh, Really? | The Kite’s Cradle
Chaos magicians tend to be associated with the maxim “Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted.” Sounds really cool and glamorous and Kaos Majik, doesn’t it? Go on, give the finger to so-called Truth and chuck the rules out of the window. Woo, I’m such an individual. Just like all my mates. Except I…

Daily Magicks: Mini-altars for easy travel!

Often, we may find ourselves on the road or out and about, really missing our altar at home. After a while, it's not just a sacred place, but a personal comfort.

But how do you take that comfort with you if you're not at home? A traveling mini-altar, of course!

How to make a DIY traveling mini-altar on the cheap:

Honestly, the contents of your mini-altar are entirely up to you. The main thing is to make it practical and easy to haul around. This way, you never have to leave that small comfort behind and there are no interruptions to your practice!

You Cannot Pour From an Empty Cup

I have many friends and acquaintances with enormous hearts. They want to help everyone they can. They are selfless and giving in ways that are admirable and inspirational.

Some of these friends, though, often have many overwhelming issues they also have to deal with — money issues, relationship issues, mental health problems, etc. Far too often, I see these caring people fall down into a black hole of their own.

Why? I believe it's because of their giving nature. The energy they put into their efforts for others is fantastic, but rarely do they give themselves that benefit. Rarely do they consider self-care.

Self-care is important whether or not you do magick. We only have so much juice in the tank to do the things we want to do, so you should be selfish with that. You can't save everyone, but do what you can while also remembering to be gentle and giving with yourself.

Taking on the traumas, worries, and issues of all around you will leave you empty. You must remember you're not responsible for the emotions of others, nor are you the one that caused these things to happen. It's okay if you don't take these burdens on.

By all means, help others. It's the greatest gift you can give or receive. But don't do so at the expense of yourself.

Because if you do that, and you burn out and quit, who will help others then?

Take Control "The Egregore Door" ~ AJ Dexter

What is a dérive?
A dérive (or “drift”) is a kind of intentionally unplanned wandering in which one pays attention to the influence of the geography on their psyche.
Tha Kayozz Evokkation
Tha Kayozz Evokkation is designed to allow a practitioner the opportunity to swim through that swirling cauldron of random creation, albeit with very unpredictable results.
The Problem with CMG
CMG, and groups like it, are a detriment to our chaote community.
Pagan and Wiccan Faith Oppression in Prison
COVID-19 has affected the religious practices of inmates of many diverse faiths in the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.
The Luciferian Principle
What is Lucifer in the modern day?

Final Word: The Folly of Pursuing Fame and Glory

I don't know one individual that doesn't want to be recognized for their efforts or praised for a job well done. That's human nature. However, when it becomes an obsessive pursuit of fame, glory, title, or position, things turn very messy.

Often I've seen this lead people down a darker path than intended, costing relationship and long-held friendships. While some have "made it" with these losses, I can only imagine it must be lonely to be king.

So many boast of how long they've been doing magick, or whatever trade, as if that's some sort of validation for their worth and why they deserve your unmitigated attention. An act of hubris that always makes me laugh before I ignore such individuals.

Titles and position are simply a tool, not a coveted end goal, to be used appropriately to carry out your will in the world. Nothing more and nothing less. The attachment to this desire of hierarchy feels detrimental to personal evolution.

In addition, this sort of recognition is fleeting. How many have you seen go from humble to self-obsessed? It leaves an unpleasant taste on the pallete to deal with these types.

Your worth is not contained within any of these structures of the monoculture which seek to subdue you. They are chains that bind. They bind your ego to the will of the collective uber-mind instead of your own.

Legacy, however, is long lasting and immortal. Do the works, put them into the world. Don't worry about where it will take you. Just enjoy the ride getting there. doesn't exist without you!

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