The Problem with CMG

CMG, and groups like it, are a detriment to our chaote community.

5 months ago

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I joined CMG in the middle to end of 2017, IIRC.

I had been interested in chaos magick for quite some time. Being a huge comic book fan, I found the Grant Morrison DisInfo Con speech much earlier, and then I had found many books on the subject, by people like Carrol, Hine, and Lee, at a local second-hand bookstore.

I found sites like and read every link. I found the forums and read all their materials.

Mind you, I had always been interested in the occult and paranormal, theologies and mythologies, from a young age. We used to go on graveyard adventures when I was a small child as a family most Sundays. Or I went to church with friends. It always left me with more questions than anything else.

But the concept of chaos magick specifically really got the juices going. So, I did some searching and joined a lot of groups. The one that came to the top, like it has for many people before and since, is the Chaos Magick (CMG) Facebook group.

As a community, CMG has died and been reborn under the mysterious event called "The Forgottening," of which a few details can be gleaned here.

The current admins remain tight-lipped, with different accounts of what actually happened, but the bottom line is bad things went down (doxing, suicides, things of that nature) and the group was shitcanned by the ever mighty Zuck.

A new version was born rapidly, as the internet seems to crave places for edge lords to congregate, and this is where I first came into contact with the group. After allowing time to adjust to what was going on there, I posted something super cringe and I'm sure I'd take the piss out on myself today for saying it.

Over time, I became the Lordiest of Edge Lords and a supreme asshole. I focused initially on easy opportunities, taking mean ass pot shots at newer people than me or just being an agitator to the longstanding members.

But then, I started noticing a pattern.

I was fairly mild with the trolling. I would talk shit, but it would usually end in a standard fifth grade playground stalemate. But others were taking it farther.

I started noticing dog piles on people when they went out of favor. How the admins would "pick" enemies and the group would swarm them. Sometimes I got swept up in this witch hunts and joined in.

I've seen doxing, threats of doxing, and recently, threats against me personally of doxing in this group. When it's reported, very little actually seems to get done.

One well known and well-loved member, an artist in the group known for their memes, allegedly scammed a woman out of her life savings. The admins not only knew about this incident, but reportedly banned the woman when she made a post about this in the group and anyone who brought up the post she made.

A notable event that occurred within CMG was what is now known as "The Femboi Uprising," which saw the Trans members of the community stand and make themselves known. By one admins count, they had purged several hundred members because of their blatantly bigoted responses.

One individual reported to me that a currently notorious member known for repeated harassment and abuse sent them a private message letting the individual know the only reason they didn't mis-gender them in the group was because they knew it would get them a ban.

This serial abuser was banned from the group after violating the group's rules and Facebook TOS recently, but was let back in under shady circumstances.

The serial harassment allowed in CMG led to several mental breakdowns of members, members leaving the community altogether (like Billy Brujo), and several noted suicides of members.

Eventually, this led me into digging deeper, and the deeper you go in this rabbit hole the more you see that the CMG admins and certain members LIKE this hate faction in the group.

CMG admins say they can't be held responsible for this.

They say there are 23K members and they are not their mother or father. They also like to roar, "this is not a safe space." They allow serial online abuse and harassment to occur within their group because it gets laughs from a few, and more importantly, gets engagement.

The truth, though, is they are in control of the group.

They can get rid of these troublesome people, but they don't. I think the question at this point we should all be asking is why?

Why would you allow your group to become infested with abusers, harassers, and bigots? Is that what your egregore feeds off of? Is that how you "gather" energy for your magick?

Or is something else going on? Why all the secrets? Why all the decisions made in the shadows instead of being transparent with the group and the chaos magick community as a whole?

Better yet, why does Facebook allow them to constantly and consistently allow violations of their own TOS by allowing members to threaten others with doxing or worse?

As community leaders, CMG's admins are abject failures.

They can't control their group to keep out bigotry, hate, abuse, and harassment.

They can't hold themselves accountable for what happens in their group.

Clearly, they care very little about their own community, otherwise they'd be listening to people like Felix Addison and others who want a say, a vote, in how the group is run.

They can't even stand by their own word, because I still am not aware of the new admin they promised representing the LGBTQ+ community in the group.

Pretty much any other group online in the chaote community consider them a pathetic joke, but their numbers and sheer toxicity make them hard to ignore.

I don't want CMG to go away.

Far from it, actually. Places like CMG are needed, but the festering rot they have allowed needs to be cleansed.

People shouldn't have to worry about being targeted in this community for declaring their voice and identity, and the CMG admins need to be a part of the solution or step out of the way so someone competent can.

Joe Forest

Published 5 months ago


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