The Meat Hook

There comes a time in every magickian's life when they need to take a stand.

3 months ago

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There comes a time in every magickian's life when they need to take a stand.

Just like any other occult discipline, the chaos meta-paradigm has its share of internal politics in play, as well as self-appointed gatekeepers to either ignore or forcefully circumvent as the situation requires.

Running afoul of these Draconian forces is unfortunately quite normal, and a prolonged psychic attack from those who would seek to silence dissenting voices can prove extremely draining unless dealt with swiftly.

Never underestimate the damage that focused belief can do.

While a purely defensive stance may be more attractive for those who wish to do no harm, warding and banishing only go so far. The best way of dealing with a counterfeit Crowley is by forcing them to disengage and retreat into the shadows to lick their wounds.

Responses should remain proportionate, however, and indiscriminate actions against those who are assumed to have crossed the magickian are best avoided. There is little to be gained by falling into paranoia over a perceived hex and becoming the aggressor.

A good parry and considered riposte is a far more intelligent solution.

Necromancy, being a discipline that has as much to do with manipulating energy as it does the spirits of the dead, grants several options for those seeking to counter-attack in this way.

All it will take to explore the following example is a little blood and a lot of rage.

The Meat Hook begins with the magickian scanning their bioelectric field and teasing out any strands that appear to be connected to them from elsewhere.

This is by far the most troublesome part of the entire process, and will require focused concentration on every inch of the chaote's body to achieve.

Divination may also prove useful, though the actual identity of those perpetrating the attack is far less important than confirmation that an actual attack is even taking place. Any readings should focus on that aspect of the situation instead.

It is better to work slowly at this exploratory stage, testing and retesting over several days, as what comes next can be pointlessly painful if not done for the right reasons.

Areas which hold these unexpected bioelectric connections will have a certain cold tingle to them, and for those who have more experience in monitoring the flow of energy around their body, a discernible pull or suction will also be felt.

If the chaote is adept at seeing into the unreal world, lines may also be observed snaking off into the astral. Not every one of these will be negative, however, especially if a group of semiautonomous servitors are maintained as part of their occult practice.

As with anything, discernment is required to prevent mistakes.

Once these locations have been marked, the second stage of the Meat Hook begins.

Here the Chaote pricks the skin where the suction is felt the strongest, pressing deep enough to draw blood.

This flash of pain overloads the energetic connection between attacker and victim, and turns their negative efforts against them. It also promotes healing at that spot once the ritual is concluded, as well as directing a bodily fluid recognised as carrying focussed essence to where a strong defence is needed the most.

While a medical lancet will provide the cleanest micro puncture, a sewing needle or safety pin is more than sharp enough to do this as well. That said, there is no need for the chaote to slash wildly at their own flesh to get results. A drop or two will do.

The direction of travel changed, it is the magickian's turn to send back their own parcel of negative emotion using the pain travelling along the astral thread as a carrier wave. This is where the rage comes into play.

Seething anger, howling malice, incredulity that someone would dare attack the chaote in such a way. All these emotions and more are visualised as pulses of snarling, voracious serpents snaking their venomous way back up the unwanted connections and eventually returning to their point of origin.

It goes without saying that the counterfeit Crowley is going to have a very bad day.

Once the Meat Hook is completed, the chaote banishes with laughter, freely gloating over the massively magnified damage that they have caused to those who would harm them. They then cover any wounds that did not close on their own and go about their day.

Life should quickly improve.

Vital areas of the chaote's body, such as the eyes or genitals, should not be pierced, even if the magickian identifies those as exhibiting unwanted bioelectric connections during the initial evaluation phase.

Nor should they attempt this procedure at all if an illness would be made significantly worse by doing so.

In those cases, banishing, warding, and defensive servitors may be the only safe option, as this is not the kind of ritual which can be done by others on the chaote's behalf.

The pain and blood generated during the Meat Hook is designed as an acceptable loss during an occult duel, and should undertaking this operation actually harm the practitioner more than weathering the psychic assault they are receiving normally, then there is no point in continuing.

Blood magick of any kind is inherently transgressive, but in that taboo lies its power.

The Meat Hook can be utilised to regain dominion over the chaote's own bioelectric field, and strike back even when they are unsure of exactly who those attackers actually are.

Nothing is ever free that is unwilling to fight to remain so, and sometimes a little blood must be spilled to remain safe.

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Published 3 months ago


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