The Kids Are NOT Alright

The current state of this shitshow we currently call Earth.

7 months ago

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The current state of this shitshow we currently call Earth.

Man, I don't even know where to begin here.

Criminal presidents, deadly pandemics, war all over, humanitarian crisis after humanitarian crisis, suicide bombs, hate groups, Qholes, and deception, misinformation, and lies.

It almost feels like it's time to flush it all down the toilet, to be perfectly honest.

That was the way old me, though.

The new me sees an opportunity to change the course of human civilization using magick. It really feels like we're on the precipice of something, but I'm honestly worried about what that's going to cost.

On one hand, if we do nothing, sit on our hands and not use our talents for something worthwhile, there's a very good chance that a sizeable chunk of humanity will be dead in the next 100 years.

Climate change, resource scarcity, and inequality could lead us to one of the biggest die-offs in human history.

But can magick do anything about this?

Image by Comfreak from Pixabay

Change is usually violent.

People in power dislike to give up said power. In fact, many use magickal means to protect themselves, besides the massive amounts of protection money will buy physically. It will be a struggle to wrestle control from them and take that power and put it to good use.

However, which one sounds more palatable to you? Dead because we did nothing, or dead because we tried to do everything? (Personally, I'll take number two please, hold the pickles.)

Ultimately, as I look around the world, I want a place where my children can raise their children. Somewhere safe. Somewhere where they will be taken care of. I think that's a noble goal.

And one I'm willing to take on a karmic debt to ensure.

Sunnier pastures.

Once you get past the doom and gloom, the world doesn't look that bad.

The inevitable progress of civilization has led to hate groups being almost universally hated, no matter the recent resurgence in popularity.

The 20th century is still dying two decades into the 21st, but it is dying. You can tell by the violent death throes that are currently happening, especially in the United States. The inequlities are beginning to bend freedoms out of shape and the truth is becoming clear.

The enchantments are fading.

Take, for example, the attempted insurrection by groups like the Proud Boys and a sitting president. I've never seen such a perfect example of the little dick power the asshole alt-right has. They have hate, and that's about it.

Being LGBTQIA+ is no longer something to be reviled, but celebrated.

Being a powerful woman in the world is to be respected.

Standing up for your beliefs and acceptance of others is a laudable action.

People are waking up that the world NEEDS this diversity in order to go further than we ever have before.

In my eyes, that's fantastic. Let's also not forget that millennials are now the largest voting bloc in Democratic societies worldwide. A good time to hold on to hope.

It was always going to be a fight.

I think those out there with a logical mind know that positive change will require sacrifice. This struggle was always going to be the fight of our lives...

… and the lives of those we leave behind when we pass on.

I think it's important to remember that the struggle for equality, equity, sustainability, and responsibility has always been a generational fight.

Teach your kids values that respect others, how to be good stewards of the Earth, and how to stand and use their voices. Also teach them about what they can do behind the veil.

If we do all that, the world will be just fine.

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The Occulturist

Published 7 months ago


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