The Dark Roots of Alt-Right Occultism

To think that “Alt-Right” Occultists, Witches, Light Workers, and other Spiritualists don't exist is incredibly ignorant.

The Dark Roots of Alt-Right Occultism

To think that “Alt-Right” Occultists, Witches, Light Workers, and other Spiritualists don't exist is incredibly ignorant. Let’s dive into some history here.

Helena Blavatsky allegedly traveled the world, studying various religions, spiritual beliefs and esoteric beliefs.

There is a lot of confusion around her life, training, and story. In her prime, she was revered as a modern-day guru or a complete fraud and charlatan. She is considered the Mother of modern day spirituality and the New Age.

Through her work, she is considered the person who helped merge Western Occultism with Eastern Philosophy and spirituality. The work she did contributed to a revival of Buddhism in India. She eventually started up what was called Theosophical Society in 1875.

In her writings, she talked about “Root Races” which talked about various races of humans throughout ancient history.

We believe one of these races to be tied to Atlantis. The concept of her studies talks about a “spark” of the Divine within humans, connecting us to deeper spiritual connection. She believed that this happened across many cultures and races. However, in some of her work, it spoke about how some races, specifically Pacific Islanders and those of African descent, did not have the “spark” as others would.

These writings are easily connected to racist beliefs, and are incredibly controversial. Within texts likes this, is where cracks are created.

Let’s fast forward a little. It is believed that there were quite a few SS officers and important figures within Hitler’s Regime that were a part of or studied Theosophy. It was under their belief that the Germanic people were of a lost race she spoke of.

They also believed that it was important to reclaim the destroyed pagan beliefs, and quite a few of them felt Christianity had destroyed it. They practiced Occultism, worshipped the “Old Norse Gods”, honored the Solstice, and believed that the Aryan Race (which originated from Tibetan texts) was the German people.

Quite a few Nazi officers traveled to Tibet, believed that many ancient symbols were connected to these occult beliefs. It was common practice for them to take not just symbols, such as the Nordic runes and the Swastika, but also their beliefs to provide “confirmation bias” for their beliefs.

During the time of the Third Reich, the Nazis captured and redesigned the castle of Wewelsburg (built 1603), a Renaissance castle in the northwest of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. This is the ancestral birth home of the Black Sun, a name based primarily on the shape of the Wewelsburg sun-wheel mosaic in the "Obergruppenführer"-Hall (SS Generals' Hall), which is a symbol of esoteric or occult significance. Heinrich Himmler, the leader of the SS, wanted to establish it as the "Center of the New World," based in part on domination through occult means.

The beliefs and occultism of Nazism didn’t die out after WW2.

Since then, there has always been a “dark side” in modern occultism. The Black Sun continued on, becoming popular with the rise of Neo-Nazism. Its presence is most felt in organizations like the Order of the Nine Angles (O9A or ONA), which is a well-known occult hate group organization that works similarly to terrorist cells.

Understanding the history of Nazi Occultism, how they will take belief systems and magick paradigms, and twist it to push their narrative is important.

To think that there hasn’t been an attempt to hijack occult practices in recent years is incredibly naïve, as well as dangerous.

For it is through these exposed cracks they will slip in, taking over practices, lodges, groups and so forth. For example, the memetic Kek images that dominated many social media circles during Donald Trump's first Presidential run, meme magick by chaos magicians, directly led to the decentralized birth of the Q-Anon cult in the United States.

People, now initiated through misinformation and bias confirmation, ultimately tried to subvert the constitutional practices of a nation. All because of bad actors acting in bad faith to maintain the status quo of white male sovereignty. Supposed "alphas" acting to oppress others in the name of their freedoms.

The Q-Anon cult has inserted itself into many areas of the occult. Nordic esotericism, Love and Light circles, LHP practices, and just about every other nook and cranny of the occulture.

This is the continued assault of fascism on all cultures, even our own.

Knowing this history and knowing how to spot those who continue these behaviors is so very important to our continued existence.

To allow evil things to continue when we are aware of them makes us complicit in the acts carried out. It's imperative that we recognize and call out these magicians and occultists working in bad faith.

Otherwise, maybe we become the hunted next.

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