CMC 2022 State of the Association Address: Tending an Occult Digital Garden

As far as secret cabal leaders go, I've got to say I'm pretty lousy at it. A message for 2002 from CMC.

CMC 2022 State of the Association Address: Tending an Occult Digital Garden

As far as secret cabal leaders go, I've got to say I'm pretty lousy at it.

When someone mentioned that I was trying to lead some inquisition that no one saw coming, the first thing I thought about was how to plan a potluck for the new cabal group. And you know you got to have a vegan & vegetarian option.

This is 2022, not the 1990s. No, sir. Hot Pockets will not do.

That is to say, I'm not trying to impose some sort of secret agenda on the community. I'm trying to make it a better place to be.

The world, as things stand right now, is a pretty shitty place. Now far be it from me to preach love and light garbage, but let's be real... trolling and talking trash isn't magick. It's high school immaturity.

I've had enough of that stuff and a lot of other people have, too. So I said enough, and I cultivated my digital occult garden. I gave the best magick gift you can. One of community and acceptance.

Except for the trolls, abusers, harassers, bigots, and all around shitty people.

So, in a way, it is a gated community, but it's far from a secret cabal. All you have to do is follow Tommie Kelly's very sound advice, "Don't be a dick."

Someone recently asked how I even got this domain name,

It's very simple, really. I saw an opportunity, and I paid the money for it.

You may ask what opportunity I saw, but most immediately assume it's to make money. I like to think that's because they just don't know me, but most likely it's just a reflection of their jealousy and need for serious shadow work.

I like to tell people I won the domain in a secret martial arts tournament in southwest Asia using only a spork and plucky attitude to destroy my enemies for the prize.

But what are you doing? Is it a cult? Another occult organization? A troll farm created by the King Troll?

Nah. It's actually a lot simpler than all that and not near as nefarious.

CMC is about giving a voice to the voiceless in magick. The shy trans boy. The anxiety ridden witch. Those who aren't able bodied. The mages of color. The people that get ridiculed and left out in some of these groups.

This is a place to learn, but don't expect us to teach you. We'll sell no courses here. You will learn from one another, using what works for you and discarding the rest. You will find no gurus here. Only students in a somewhat chaotic school, if you will.

This is also a place to celebrate our culture as chaotes, learn about our history, and blaze a trail in the future that will make our predecessors proud. It's about carrying on a tradition and taking it to new levels.

Mostly, this is just a place where you can be your authentic self and do magick without worry of being torn down by others.

Many are proud to claim they aren't a safe space. Know that WE ARE A SAFE SPACE. Not from disagreement or good faith debate, but from the immaturity and the abusive, belittling nature that has become the internet culture. Check your ego at the door. Here there be wild magicks and wilder mages. Be nice or begone.

We simply want to make what we do accessible and beneficial for ANYONE who wants to check chaos magick out.

On that note, our next goal is to achieve Non-Profit status in the U.S.

This will do a lot of things, not least of which is give us access to grants that can help us grow.

It'll also allow all of our premium members to become donors, which is a tax writeoff. It'll give people with larger sums of money the ability to donate, too, for the same attractive feature.

That investment would allow us to operate on a new level, helping our community members in material ways. We would not be a non-profit of performative charity. We would bring magick to lives in an authentic way.

It would also allow us to gain further reach, to bring the voices of magick to many who need to hear it. To change lives and remove the shackles from their wrists.

We also want to publish things!

The independent occult press is a big deal to us. Being able to find ways to speak about magickal theory, to be heard by others, is so important. As Dave Lee says, the world NEEDS chaos magick right now.

And what better way than through our creative talents? Whether that's words, music, art, podcasts, craftwork, or whatever, we can bring magick into people's lives together. Not as some conglomerate, but as individuals doing what we do to make the world better than we found it.

Our website is a perfect vehicle for this. This is a Transmedia hypersigil meant to spread our message throughout all time.

But we don't plan to stop there. We'll start an extremely small press printing zines this year in limited runs. Little magick grimoire time capsules for the future, helping spread the word in a completely uncontrolled fashion.

We have many ideas, of course, and there's definitely more to come. So much more.

Our focus in 2022 is consistency.

We're going to do our best to bring your great occult articles, fiction, livestreams, podcasts, and more on a regularly scheduled basis. Your time is important, and if we want you to spend some of it with us, we should be reliable.

My focus is going to be on consistency, too. No great resolutions. Just show up and do the best damn job I can, whatever it is, whether that be in magick or my daily existence.

So, yeah, sorry if we're not evil enough for you.

But we're going to do some really cool stuff over the course of the next year.

Thinking of that makes me remember a time my friend AJ told me, "We'll be the magicians they write about in 100 years." And while that's not the goal, it would be nice to be remembered. To pass on a legacy when it comes time to grateful hands.

That is the garden I tend, the one the CMC community nurtures.

And here we definitely walk and talk with legends. Why don't you walk with us?

All of us here at the CMC hope that you have a wonderful new year, that fortune favors you, and prosperity comes into your life. Make it a magickal 2022.

~ JF

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