Team Zer0

Our team of authors and creators.

Mr. V

from Everywhere ∙ 61 posts

HMFIC @ CMC / Opinions: Saucy / Politics: PUNK! / Tek Mage / Magick, Comics, Politics / (He/Him/They/Them) / Be your own Guru

Gavin Fox

from Cardiff, UK ∙ 27 posts

Occult Author. Eclectic Magickian. Anti Christofascist. Pro Acceleration. Free Netizen. Editor at CMC. Creator of the 'Projekt' sigil bomb. They/Them/Fox.

Roxi Phoenix

from Cumming straight from underground! ∙ 19 posts

Average Chaos Witch. Professional Tarot Slut. Lady and Co-Commander of the website.

Joe Forrest

from Only, Tennessee ∙ 15 posts

Dabbler in magicks. Creator of stuff. Punk as fuck.

Gabriel RoYaL

from Brazil ∙ 9 posts

He/him/his. Chemical Engineer by vocation and Chaos Magician by heart, I dwell amongst angels, demons, dreams and astral projections until the stars are right. Write for projects Xaoz and Daemons.


9 posts

Djinn- but prefers whisky. Likes puns, magic and martial arts. Great at parties.


from Omniversal ∙ 5 posts

Wanderer of unknown lands...

Saeihr Auberon Kay Williams

from The Internet ∙ 4 posts

( she/her ) Poet ‡ TekMage ‡ Druid ‡ Priestess

Cameron Ameri

from Texas ∙ 3 posts

Practical/High Magick Practitioner : “Esoteric” Martial Arts Instructor : Movement/Energetics Therapist : Lover of life, mystery, and psychonautic activities.

Alex Ducharme

from Detroit, MI ∙ 3 posts

My name is Alex, Prose-Writing, Discordian Alchemist from South Detroit with a penchant for History, Physics, Chemistry, Linguistics and Psychology; especially pertaining to the occult.

Alley Faint Wurds

2 posts

Author of GPT-3 Techgnosis, Sub/Urban Butoh Fu, and Geist Rising. Alley Wurds writes about the use of artificial intelligence and butoh in chaos magick.

David R Lee

from UK ∙ 2 posts

Dave Lee's magickal practice began in the late 1970s with the multi-model approach known as Chaos Magick. Four decades later, he's still at it. A leading Elder in the IOT involved since its inception.

Malachas Ivernus

from France ∙ 1 post

Academic Magus. Poète maudit. Impeccable fashion sense. Sultry voice.

Blind Seer

1 post

Tarot, I Ching, Runes, Astrology and more! Your all purpose oracle with 20 years of divination experience.


from Seattle, Wa ∙ 1 post

Mathew Michael Collins

from California ∙ 1 post

Wyrd weaver of words, Philosophical Poet

Harold Sanford Carter III

1 post

An inspiring independent pagan solo artist writing and playing music with witchcraft and Pagan themes. Mr. Carter goes by the name "Lone Wolf'' in his music.

M.T. Skull

1 post

Cheddar Ray

1 post

Practicing chaos magician of about 6 years. I’m a psychology and sociology nerd, so I like to examine the sociological and psychological aspects of the occult. I hope you enjoy my stuff! :)