Special Release: Meta Goes "Witch Hunting"

There's been quite the rumble on social media about Meta's new guidelines towards certain demographics and their ban on using targeted ads.

Special Release: Meta Goes "Witch Hunting"

There's been quite the rumble on social media about Meta's new guidelines towards certain demographics and their ban on using targeted ads.

As you can read here, Meta is taking a huge step forward in limiting the ability of occult practitioners from advertising their services on their platform. From the article, here is the list that won't be allowed to do ads:

...starting January 19, 2022, we will be removing some Detailed Targeting options because they relate to topics people may perceive as sensitive, such as targeting options referencing causes, organizations, or public figures that relate to health, race or ethnicity, political affiliation, religion, or sexual orientation. Examples include:
Health causes (e.g., “Lung cancer awareness”, “World Diabetes Day”, “Chemotherapy”)
Sexual orientation (e.g., “same-sex marriage” and “LGBT culture”)
Religious practices and groups (e.g., “Catholic Church” and “Jewish holidays”)
Political beliefs, social issues, causes, organizations, and figures

While all are harmful, of particular interest to occultists is the third example: "Religious practices and groups."

This includes alternative religions, which occult practices fall under. So, if you read tarot for a living or sell occult literature, you're going to be SOL on Meta platforms (i.e. Facebook and Instagram) if you rely on traffic via advertising.

This heavy-handed censorship is just going to get worse on all these platforms.

It is important to remember that you do not own the platform, so if they say your business is against the rules, you can kiss any income goodbye. There's little doubt that soon you may be forced completely off their platforms for "safety reasons."

So, how do you combat this?

Simple really. Leave. And take your community with you.

And no, I'm not talking about shifting to a new social media platform or starting a Patreon.

It's time, once again, for the occultists to go back to their origins as independent operators. Get your brand on its own website. Use social media for what it is... a tool to get organic growth, a funnel, not a community hub.

In fact, we'll take it one step farther. We're going to help you make this happen.

Introducing CMC Hosting!

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Why should you pick us over other hosting options?

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Now, here's an even more important question: Why do we want to offer hosting?

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It's really hard, especially when you're just getting started, to figure out the things necessary in order to achieve what you want online. We have the experience to make that much easier.

So, I'll be on GoDaddy hosting? Why shouldn't I just go with GoDaddy?

Well, here's the thing. GoDaddy has excellent tools to help you achieve your goals online. However, they're more focused on making money than making you happy. Sometimes the wait for technical support can be hours and let's not even get into the upselling they do when you call for help with a simple problem.

We will not do that. We're going to help you correct the issue. If we can't, WE will do the sitting on the phone to resolve it. Your time is precious. We know that, and we can shoulder that burden.

And if you need professional services from them, forget it. It's too much of a cost for most small businesses to handle. Our pricing will be more in line with ACTUAL small business owners.

In addition to all that, we will help you find the right solution for your needs. It's not about making money hand over fist. It's about making sure you have what you need to take care of business in as simple and affordable a manner as possible.

Ultimately, this is about owning your future.

As creators, it's so easy in today's world to simply take from us and give little in return. (I'm looking at you, NFT and crypto bros.) We correct that, in some measure, by taking control of our platforms.

We've seen, repeatedly, by using the corporate platforms of others that we can be easily silenced. Decentralization of platform is key to walking around the corporate desire to control.

And that's what we're all about... putting the control back into the hands of the creators.

Are you interested?

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