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You might browse the site and thinking to yourself, "Is this a Patreon???"

7 months ago

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You might browse the site and thinking to yourself, "Is this a Patreon???"

Well, kinda sorta, but absolutely not at the same time.

We publish our site on an independent platform, using Ghost CMS, so the only fees we pay are the ones by our payment processor. Everything else goes back into paying towards keeping this thing running.

Any proceeds we collect are used to produce new content. If we get enough subscribers, we can pay the contributors with some cash!

If we get a bit more, we might pay ourselves back for the initial investment.

And anything after that is just gonna add to the awesome!

As you can see, this is NOT a get rich quick scheme!

We just want to share the opinions and insights of modern magicians, dig into the culture of chaos magick, and have a cool community where people are welcome to express themselves.

In fact, all of our stuff currently published can be seen if you sign up for a free account.

If you want the secret sauce, that's what's you pay for.

There will be more added, as often as we can!

This is just the beginning. We'll have more podcasts, more interactive streams on the Discord, new articles, zines, and so much more.

We're all about the doing of magick on the team, and we'll be sharing insight on how to put your own ideas out there on a budget you can handle.

Our goal has always been bringing magick to the masses, and that includes your magick, too.

Ultimately, this is about freedom of expression and who we are as a community.

I mean, are we even a community? Do we want to be? With the way things are going, shouldn't we form bonds?

There are a lot of questions, but I think it's time. We want authentic voices. We want to make them heard. We want to share the experiences of our spooky lives.

We want to acknowledge the magick that we do.

Joe Forest

Published 7 months ago


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