Seeking the Stone

I, a philosopher, sit 'neath a withered oak gazing at the Wiseman's Star, tending to a soulfire.

2 months ago

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I, a philosopher, sit 'neath a withered oak gazing at the Wiseman's Star, tending to a soulfire.

The zygote of oaths intertwined by lust preserved in crystal, burning in the crucible of Saturn.

Suddenly, as the Albedo of Twilight fades to the Nigredo of Night, a hulking Aquarian, 4-armed sky-clad man lumbered o'er to me. He stood opposite the burning crucible, fires glowing indigo to reveal burning embers and the head of a bull.

As he spake unto me, the Earth resonated his guttural voice 'neath my feet:

"I am Moloch Saturnalia. 'Tis I who hears thee weep and 'tis I who shall dry thy tears. I shall devour that which plagues thee, unburdening thy soul for another."

Looking to him, I say "I accept. Sate thy hunger. Feed of my oathborn, and bereave me of my curse."

"So be it." Moloch grins, plucking the undestined one from the burning crucible and engulfed them whole. As he leaves, bidding me farewell, my grief hollows.

As the Night's Nigredo burns away with the Rubedo of Dawn, a pale, Piscean Gardener appears twixt the Easterly Son and the last smoke of the crucible. He greets me with a voice trilling in the birds and cicadas.

"Hello. I am Yeshua Jupitarus. I bring you the fish of nurturing and the yeast to make thy daily bread. All that ye seek is in the crucible. Lazarus, arise from thy ashes and cometh hither!"

To my surprise, the rose quartz I gave to the pot had become a covellite, bright as diamond, and yet black, but born not of oath and lust, instead by love and trust... and with her had come all I hath desired.

Perhaps the Jade Dragon was right; I was ne'er meant for her, but in losing her I had gained so much more than I had e'er dreamed. In losing sight of the false stone, I hath gained the truth as The Adamas Ater. doesn't exist without you!

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Published 2 months ago


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