Science, Magick, and Art: an observation

Science, magick, and art - the trinity of chaos magick.

9 months ago

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What is magick?

There are many definitions and depending on the human and the mood, they will all differ. Crowley said magick was, “the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will.”

This definition is as apt as any and open to many interpretations. This is but one of many.

Science and scientific principles were ignored and vilified for hundreds of years, not that different from the way magick was treated. Numerous people died until a consensus was achieved that purified the groupthink of humanity to accept it as truth.

Magick is simply a sibling of science and should be approached the same way.

Be done with the visions of Harry Potter lightning bolts and non-human entities achieving corporeal form on a mass scale.

Magick is a subtle science and a creative art.

Yes, there are many dangers along the path of the occult, and yes, you can be led astray in ways you can’t even begin to imagine.

However, it lifts a veil on an otherwise mundane world and brings it new life.

Creation of anything once imagined is magick. To deny that is willful ignorance of one of the basest concepts of living. Our perceptions create what we imagine and make it real.

This is true both physically and metaphysically.

On the physical plane, this exists in our everyday existence. Whether it’s a painting, a book, a song, a building, or a new human being, magick weaves itself in the most mundane of ways through our boring and repetitive lives.

On the metaphysical plane, this imagination turned real manifests in the creation of gods, deities, those new ager wiccan “vibes,” and allows for the spell work necessary to do what people typically think of as ritual magicks.

As a matter of my perspective, this all seems rather obvious.

I’ve been a creative artist since I was old enough to hold a crayon and draw dinosaur stories. The act of creation always seemed as if it was some sort of magick to me.

Now, not that you can simply wish things into being. There is work to do. Magick only seems to affect probabilistic aspects of change. Otherwise, I’m sure the planet would rip itself apart when everyone wished for something stupid.

Manifesting what you desire, creating magick, is a process.

Magick is not magick, after all. It takes dedication, study, experimentation, and work. Much like the scientific method itself.

Science simply deals with facts as they come to light. Magick simply uses belief to power creation. Art spans the divide.

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Joe Forest

Published 9 months ago


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