A call to arms for all the ladies of magick!

9 months ago

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One thing that drew me to Chaos Magick was the punk rock roots.

When I first discovered it, I read about the history and I was hooked. It was the magick for me; the DIY, makeshift, NO GODS, NO MANAGERS, fuck the dogmatic oppression, raw, uncut and unfiltered magick juice.

I grew up Mormon and distinctly remember as a child wondering what the hell was wrong with this religion.

My older brothers got me into punk rock at 12. By the time I was 14, I went from repressed, introvert to wanting to burn the world down in the counterculture of punk rock.

I loved punk rock because it was the exact opposite of everything they taught me growing up.

I broke out of the systems that they taught me, and my eldest brother always told me “Question everything.” I learned to be myself, no matter how uncomfortable it made other people. If you’re angry about my existence, I am doing my job right.

In the religion I grew up in, women are incredibly repressed.

I didn’t want to learn how to be a baby-makin homemaker, doomed to be a breeding machine for all eternity. I wanted to run with the boys. So, the riot grrrl culture of punk rock really spoke to me. I’m more than just a pretty face, fucktoy. I got thoughts, I got opinions, and you will not talk down to me.

As I have journeyed through the circles, it is common for me to experience men “mansplaining” magick, including my own memes!

Look at the history of Magick… It’s pretty male dominated.

The Riot Grrrl movement was formed because of the extreme misogyny in the punk scene (let's not get started on the deeply rooted racism, either.) While I get that “not all mages” is a thing, it’s time to acknowledge that our femme energy is still sitting in the background.

The angry/horny and “serious” mage concept comes from pointing out that when a femme mage shows up, shakes the boat.

They are met with “repressed masculine” concepts, called a slut or an attention whore, talked down on and ridiculed. Especially if they step into the magick of their own beauty, selfies and confidence.

Fuck that! The Femboy, LGBT and Riot Grrrl Chaotes are here and we aren’t going anywhere.

So ladies, let’s strap our boots on, put on our lipstick, and shake the paradigms.

Please leave a comment and let us know what you think!

Roxi Phoenix

Published 9 months ago


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