Recommended Reading

Recommended reading list for the chaote who wants to get in the thick of it.

Recommended Reading

It's been a whirlwind around here this week.

We tend to publish in fits and bursts, especially when we're busy working on things in the background. And we're not just out here talking about magick. We're doing it.

But we did want to give you all something of value so you don't forget us. So, we thought, people like helpful books, yes? Actual valuable information sources full of practical magick tools? Of course they do.

Here are our recommendations.

Please note, we consider these tomes to be essential reading for the aspiring chaote, but they are learning materials and practical guides. Read about the magick, then do the magick. Repeat as needed until you do it to your satisfaction.

These are not dogmas to be followed religiously. They are meant to give you tools to practice your art. We will update this post when we think something is worth adding. Please note we only recommend things we've read and will be immediately useful.

Just click the picture to go to a purchase link. Yes, these are affiliate links, so if you make a purchase within 30-days, we'll get a teeny fraction of a penny.

Here's a list of book recommendations from our friend, the Kite!

What Shall I Look At Next? | The Kite’s Cradle
or, the bibliography and other resources. “TOO MANY CHOICES! JUST PICK ONE FOR ME!” Hine, Phil. Condensed Chaos Superb introduction to the practice of chaos magic. Whereas Pete Carroll’s Liber Null appears like a collection of pronouncements, out of context, Condensed Chaos fleshes out the magical a…

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