Radical Softness As A Weapon

It's not simply an aesthetic.

14 days ago

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What do I mean when I say Radical Softness As A Weapon?

Well, I've always been of the opinion that preemptive defense is the best offense. As a minority fem of the LGBTQ+ persuasion, I've found that I am often times a target. This has become even more apparent with the success of Money Gator and my various other endeavors.

Now don't get me wrong, it is always ESSENTIAL to make sure you are protected from psychic and magickal harm, and getting in the practice of continual shielding and grounding are important even if you aren't a part of the occult community. It's just how life is, unfortunately.

However, I've decided to take this one step further and work it into part of my magickal paradigm, going to far as to make it a full lifestyle choice.

When people look at me, they generally see someone who is soft, smol, pastel, feminine, and vulnerable.

This image of myself is constructed methodically and absolutely on purpose. It is an active choice I make.

I become a target for predators, not only as a way of deflecting their attention away from those who are otherwise voiceless and unable to defend themselves for various reasons, but as a pre-emptive defense mechanism.

When people view me as vulnerable and weak, they underestimate me. This becomes my source of power.

When someone who doesn't otherwise use their voice suddenly begins to speak loudly and with conviction, people tend to listen.

When someone looks at me and the aesthetic I have carefully crafted and lusts after me, I can literally feed off of that sexual energy and use it to fuel my magick.

Not only that, but take that one step further and remember that my aesthetic tends to mimic a childlike nature in a way that forces predators to take a step back and look at their own shadow, it forces them to ask themselves why they are lusting after me.

When people who are stuck in toxic cycles see me and interact with me, it forces a paradigm shift for them where they often times encouraged to nurture their inner child when they wouldn't have otherwise done so due to social stigma.

And finally, when a predator sees me as an easy target, unbeknownst to them I am able to come in and crush them with force before they are even able to comprehend what has happened to them.

It is not only to protect myself, but those in the community around me as well. My inner child and vulnerability is shown to the world without fear so that my inner goddess can find her true strength and empower those who need it as well.

Radical Softness As A Weapon.

Want to know an easy way to start protecting yourself?

Here's a recipe for Witch's Black Salt, which is a staple in my magickal arsenal. I tend to make this in large batches once a year, and several close friends of mine have come to anticipate shipments when I make new batches. This is really good stuff.

Recipe for Witch's Black Salt:

A powerful ingredient for uses such as: protection, banishing, warding, hexing & cursing, uncrossing, removing malicious energy, entities, and attacks, as well as energetic cleansing. DO NOT INGEST!

This is by no means intended to be followed EXACTLY, it's just a general guideline based on how I make my own, and can me modified as needed when you don't have all available ingredients. The most important ingredients are ash, salt, and charcoal.

Main Ingredients:

Secondary ingredients (the ones I use, pick and choose as you need):


**Be sure to do this in a safe, well ventilated area as there will be a LOT OF SMOKE!**

  1. Place a layer of charcoal into the cast iron skillet or cauldron and light them, giving them time to establish a good burn.
  2. Start adding all of the ingredients EXCEPT for the charcoal powder, salt, and last year's salt mixture into a thin layer on top of the charcoal.
  3. Add a second layer of charcoal and light it as well.
  4. Continue to add layers of charcoal and ingredients until all of your ingredients are completely used up.
  5. Allow this mixture to burn until the charcoal is completely extinguished and COOL TO THE TOUCH and all of the ingredients are smooth ash. You may need to do this several times, depending on how many ingredients you use, to get the ingredients to be reduced to smooth, clump free ash.
  6. Once the ingredients are at this point, start mixing it all together with a pestle while it's still in the cast iron, being sure to grind and scrape the edges of the cast iron to incorporate small bits of the iron into the mixture.
  7. Start adding your salt until you have a ratio of 2/3 salt to 1/3 of the ash mixture, continuing to mash and grind and scrape it all together.
  8. Add in the previous year's Witch's Salt and mix together in the same manner as before.
  9. At this point, you should have a medium gray salt mixture going. Start adding heaping spoonfuls of the charcoal powder to this and mix in the same manner as before, until the salt is completely coated black.

Voila! You now have Witch's Salt.

I like to use this fairly regularly for household energetic cleansing, banishing, and combat/protection magick. It also works really well for mitigating the effects of various icky astrological transits, including Mercury Retrograde.

Mandy Hatake

Published 14 days ago


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