Psychokinesis 101

Getting the ball rolling so it can snowball into something bigger

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Psychokinesis is defined as changing the relative probability of events happening in proximity to you.

In order to achieve this, the first step is to break the cognitive dissonance. Understand that if your mind holds onto the idea that this may not work, it will not work because it is mental willpower and resolve that drive the power of psionics.

Being wary of unrealistic expectations and diligent in doing the work is the key to properly achieving this discipline.

Probability is a fickle thing, there have been many instances where a coin was flipped nine times and always came up heads.

It's important to question if there was actually more of a probability of it coming up heads or tails? In reality, the probability was always 100% that it would land the way it landed, but it just couldn't be predicted because of the limits of our perspective and perception.

The reason it seems random is that we don't see all the factors that come into play. They are far too complex to consciously comprehend.

Theoretical probability is the act of trying to broadly predict how things would happen with the variables we perceive.

Experimental probability is measuring the effects of all variables on a particular action.

After you realize nothing is actually random, the next step is to look at the idea of Chaos Theory. Tiny changes in mathematical algorithms can produce radical changes after a few layers of recursion.

If we apply this to the various ripples of energy we send out just existing, then we are not only being acted upon by our environment constantly, but also acting upon it in ways we most likely will never fully comprehend.

Accepting how powerful each of us is in this sense is crucial to starting.

A small step in the right direction can change the whole path of the experience.

The last step to begin the path of altering your reality through Psychokinesis is to understand the idea of Cascading or the Snowball Effect.

Basically, in nature, objects go in the direction that the surrounding objects are going in. Rivers, tornados, and avalanches are all examples of nature proving this. This causes logarithmic or exponential growth up to a limit of that growth in a system.

If you roll a snowball down a hill, it will grow until the energy is absorbed by hitting something as long as it has snow to gather in its path. By creating an initial catalyzing ritual and a daily ritual to continue directing the ever-growing belief that things will go in your favor and using both to create potentiation intending to make what you desire happen with higher probability, you have gathered all you need except a true understanding of your desires.

The real work is understanding which direction is actually in favor of your intent.

Anyone can see how a coin will land if you slow it down enough and make it big enough, but in this instance, do you want to win the coin toss or lose it?

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Published 6 months ago


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