Press Release: CMC severs ties with the Advocacy Council

We hereby pull our support and rescind our position on the Advocacy Council in protest.

CMC is pulling our support for the council and rescind our position effective immediately.

A member, Gog Sheklah is someone we consider to be toxic person and the organization they represent, CMG, is also toxic.

I can't in any good conscience promote an association with these people as a leader of an occult community.

They are some of the worst examples of what we are in the realm of the occult. They participate in harassment campaigns, they do not keep their communities safe from bad actors, their incompetent admin/mods have led to and sometimes encouraged people to commit suicide, they use dark magicks to attack others that don't fall into line with them, and they're basically shit humans.

Our community wishes in no way to associate with them or even speak with them. No one within our organization wants to be part of the Council, especially with Gog Sheklah on the Ethics Committee, when the group they represent have encouraged several suicides over the years.

We do thank the other members of the Council for their goodwill and their hope that perhaps we can have a safer environment for occultists. We hope that your magick remains strong and good.