Participatory Collaborative Magick

I cannot overstate how powerful collaborative magick can be in bringing your desires into reality.

7 months ago

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I cannot overstate how powerful collaborative magick can be in bringing your desires into reality.

But make no mistake, collaborative magick has its pitfalls, too. And with any group of magicians, there will be ego clashes, theory derivatives, and hierarchy questions. Even among magicians, there is no cure for the human conditions that drive us.

However, even with the difficulties, when you focus on using the energy of several magicians in concert, wondrous results can occur.

Participatory collaborative magick is something on another level.

Not only are you doing the collaborative effort internally, but you're also doing it externally. This is not magick of personal intent, but one of group intent.

And that's where things can get wonky!

I find it's immensely valuable to know the people you're working with as well as you can. Split initiatives are a common feature, but do not mean a death knell for your projects.

All things can be planned for if you have proper foresight.

Creating egregores...

Egregores are easily one of the most recognizable works of group magick. Easy enough to create but another thing altogether to keep tamed and fed.

Think of an egregore not so much as a thought form like a servitor, which can be sent on a mission with finite influence. They are more akin to pets, which should be tended and trained.

As a working of group magick, it is best practiced that all members responsible for the creation of an egregore work together to feed and train the newborn group entity.

The ingredients are rather simple:

There are darker paths you can take, of course.

I wouldn't suggest these to a group nor to an individual. Many magicians take these paths for quicker results occasionally, but laden with traps that will take the novice by surprise.

And in a group setting, the psychological effects can lead to many strange, dangerous events occurring.

It's best to look at these paths as a cautionary tale instead of one of serious merit.

Collaborative magick is still a most welcome thing!

To learn, we must be willing to see the perspective of others and hold merit in their methods. It is here that the chaote shines, being able to see with fresh eyes.

By all means, find a small sub-group of a community your in with like-minded folks and see what you can come up with!

The Occulturist

Published 7 months ago


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