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Lesson 5: The Stuff of Dreams

6 months ago

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Lesson 5: The Stuff of Dreams

There is that quiet place. An island of serenity.

A place where no oppression may pierce, and no bigotry may burn. That is. If you let it.

Of all the wonderful tools of an Omniversal Vagabond, one of the grandest, and arguably most necessary to comprehend is the dream stuff that makes you whole. That fluffy wispy comfort that yearns to fill that aching void... if only it were within reach of the waking.

Then again, who’s saying you must be asleep to access this place.

The Omniverse is like a rippling pool of infinities. Each velvety soft motion of you touching, and caressing the fluid, webbing, wheel of eternity allows you to play with the paper dolls of many another world.

An endless amoebic like kaleidoscope of worlds within worlds, or perhaps if you prefer, Minds within Minds.

What I’m trying to say is:

All of this hate, all of this pain. What does it afford you? Is there a better way? If not, can we make it better for our small pocket of the Omniverse, and  can we cause that message to spread?

There is an eternity of you’s, and just as the maxim “I am Me.” can be a battle cry of survival, rugged, individual, however you like, there is also the deep need for comfort for these weary worlds.

We can begin again.

We can spin forth the candy floss of childhood enchantment into the dawning of brighter yesteryears.

By pooling our collective efforts, by making signposts for lone wanderers, you begin to posit a place within the omniverse, not fixed by any rules but an agreed upon magickal concept.

I do not claim to have all of the answers, and much of this post may be debated and passed around your local tavern, forum, head shop, whatever you like.

I do however see an infinity of possibilities for where we as beings of the Omniverse may go, and the future can be as brighter than we’ve ever even dared to imagine.

We may have to put in the effort to build up that liminal space of worlds within worlds to be in keeping with our minds within minds. However I have seen wonderful, terrible, and inspiring things achieved by you all.

I have no doubt that if we don’t eventually accomplish this, then someone will have to create it.

So I ask you. Directly.

How will you use your superpower?

To be continued...


Published 6 months ago


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