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Lesson 4: Omniversal Ethics 101

6 months ago

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Lesson 4: Omniversal Ethics 101

Given that you are reading this I assume that you’ve either begun your journey as a psychonaut/ Chaote or have experienced being unstuck in the Omniverse long enough to ask the questions that reach on past the mashed potatoes of initial shock, around the gravy boat of self doubt and grief, through the cranberry sauce that is the sticky situation of reorienting yourself in your relationships.

You are now ready for the cornbread stuffing of ethics.

For those of you who are playing at home, you might ask yourself: “Self, what does it mean to be an ethical player in the domain of the Omniverse? Does suffering matter if it appears to be canceled out in a parallel timeline for that same entity?”

In short: “Is it okay to be an asshole, because early seasons of a hit tv show told me that given my present situation I should just stare unflinchingly into the void?”

The answer is unsurprisingly simple, but needs a bit of explanation.

Namely: Do what you will as long as it impedes no other will.

Mind you, I’m not talking about solely being an asshole consequences be damned, but acknowledging the words a wise man once told me:

“Everybody sucks. Everyone is an asshole. Everyone does stupid things. However, what matters is what you DO with that knowledge.”

Therein lay the ethics.

You can test this theory for yourself. Look at the world you are currently in. I almost guarantee you’ll find people who think they’re assholes and at worst are assholes and mind numbingly unaware. In short “Everyone is an Asshole”.

Likewise, everyone has done or will do something that will have consequences somewhere in the Omniverse. Hell, even a timeline of peace implies war somewhere else. Relative to the rest of the Omniverse “Everybody Sucks.”

The fundamental question becomes a matter of suffering.

Do you naively believe your suffering is more important than the suffering of the Omniverse?

Do you feel the suffering of the Omniverse matters more than your own?

Both answers are, in this author’s opinion, somewhat ever so slightly missing the point.

You reflect the pattern of the Omniverse, and the Omniverse reflects the pattern that is you.

You are an infinitely improbable transfinite jewel whose facets reflect everyone and everything.

You are EVERY ASSHOLE you’ve ever met. However, you are also every kind act, random, unintentional, or otherwise.

In this regard, you are not special.

You just happen to be aware on some level of what that pattern is.

So, again given these facts, the correct course of action is to:

Do what you will as long as it impedes no other will.

To be continued...


Published 6 months ago


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