Omniversal Vagabonding 003

Lesson 3: Home(s) is where the heart is. The place you rest your head, the place you yearn for, the place where serenity and safety exist.

6 months ago

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Lesson 3: Home(s) is where the heart is.

The place you rest your head, the place you yearn for, the place where serenity and safety exist. These are four examples of what home might be, but is not necessarily.

As an Omniversal Vagabond, you’re going to have to confront some emotions and difficult concepts, one of the chief being finding your place in your local multiverse. Or rather, finding your general repeating theme of what brings you solace in all time-space.

Or to use a different term from my disabled background, what makes you stim.

There are things that soothe the soul.

Things that get you into a groove, and that put you in a hyper focused state. It might even be something you are unconscious of, such as tapping your foot to music, cracking your knuckles, playing with your hair, or even biting your fingernails, and so on. These things, whether or not socially acceptable, are your stims.

Now I’ve brought this up because you’re going to have to have a solid system of self soothing in the future because this is a big one:

Friends and Family.

Or rather what is there to calm your nerves before and after you first meet your parallel folx.

Because that's one of the hardest parts of this.

You can never know for certain that anyone is the original version of your mom.


I’ll let you in on a secret insight I’ve had:

So what?

Every moment the omniverse ripples and echoes off of every impossibility, making them still like multisensory frames in a movie or panels in a comic.

That every conceivable moment that can and will happen is equally real, just not as probable in this iteration of your neck of the woods.

The same is true of family and friends.

You must remember that just like you, these people, they exist in the same Omniverse as you.

You just are aware of it, and able to come and go.

So, that should give you more reasons to enjoy every moment you have with the people who are close to you. Because even though you’ve got an embarrassment of riches, each one of the infinite jewels that fill your chalice matters.

Just as much as the sands of time, each individual makes up your everything.

Spend time at the cosmic beach of infinity and make your home there, with the people who matter, the people who are your everything.

You’ll be glad you did.

The next lesson will cover what happens to ethics in an infinite omniverse, and some tips on how to live ethically as much as possible.



Published 6 months ago


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