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The day the world ended, I was 6 years old.

9 months ago

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The day the world ended, I was 6 years old.

Little did I know it wasn’t the first, and only time, neither would it be the last. However, it was within those final futile moments of the car crash that the doors of the Omniverse were flung open. I hadn’t noticed yet though.

I was a little busy.

There was this overwhelming feeling of a sort of in between state, an almost suffocating feeling that I had slipped through the cracks in the cosmic egg, or flipped over, cast aside like an extra piece of a puzzle someone couldn’t fit me into.

There were strange sigil-like symbols. The immensity of the weight of death, and being displaced, a feeling of being unstuck in time and place.

Maybe more.

That was the first time I’d died. Or, at least it would’ve been, had I not just crawled out of the wreckage in Alpha~1/175.

I had officially switched timelines.


In the subsequent years, I learned as much about my personal experience, through the lens of spiritual and psionic practice as I could handle.

I had switched something on in me, and yet I didn’t have a name for it. I would go deep into lucid dreams to plunge into my unconscious and find whatever elixir might exist there, along the way I learned of others who had similar experiences.

They seemed to have a commonality in being involved with the psychic and supernatural, and it was in my pursuit of what I was that I would ultimately find the words to describe myself. I was a chaote, a psychonaut.

If there is anything I want to give to you, my fellow practitioners, in this series, it is the tools I have learned through long arduous practice, and firsthand experience it is how to make a home wherever you may end up.

How to become a sailor not only of the psyche but initial tips and tricks for how to survive when you spill out of your mind and into your local multiverse.

In other words: How to be an Omniversal Vagabond.

Lesson 1: The Inescapable You

Repeat these words: I am me.

There can be an infinity of different possible choices, events, beginnings amd endings, but one thing will remain there. No matter the presence of a reflection or physical form, this person, this YOU, remains.

Repeat these words: I am me.

There can be war, there can be distrust, there can be insanity, there can be death. There can be peace, there can be love, there can be meaning, and there can be life.

It is not simply enough to know these things are inevitable, that all things are possible, that all things fall apart. You must find you. You must be YOU.

Because all that will remain is you.

Worlds are born and die in whimpers and bangs all the time, but you have the luxury of watching it happen. You have the luxury of knowing as one of my favorite songs puts it:

“You have seen me before. You will see me again. I’ll never give up. I’ll never give in.”

You will see things so tremendous they will truly terrify you with awe. So it is important to keep your center, and not simply be swept up by the sheer dumbfounding immensity of what you have accomplished.

In the next lesson, I will detail how, given the end of a world, how to go about your day without succumbing to survivors' guilt.

[To be continued...]

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Published 9 months ago


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