Ode to the Psychonaut

A poem for explorers...

7 months ago

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A poem for the explorers...

I have seen the heart of men
Wicked, twisted, full of greed
Hunger for the mother’s love
Souls full of need

Gripping for desire’s touch
Swayed by the flowing wind
Eaten up by hubris and hate
Pride the major sin

Yet, still beats the heart
O’ nobility deep inside
It drives some like an engine
Where angels fear to fly

Internal demons bluster
And let out a mighty roar
“No matter what you try,
Your ship will never reach the shore.”

But the psychonaut will turn
Facing the mirror of fear with a grin
“You may have beaten me many times before,
But this war you will not win.”

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The Occulturist

Published 7 months ago


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