New Moon in Capricorn

Got New Year's resolutions? It's the perfect time to use the New Moon in Capricorn to plant the seeds for lasting change!

6 months ago

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The New Moon in Capricorn peaks at 1:34 PM EST.

Got New Year resolutions? Harness the energy of today’s New Moon in Capricorn to plant the seed for long-term goals, especially around business or financial ones.

This is a time to put together the game plan for your goals. Capricorn is goal-oriented, hard-working, determined, and focused on long-term success.

The Moon is trine Uranus in Taurus, which can help a smooth transition around any changes that need to be made. Plus, Mercury shifts into Aquarius, allowing us to shift our perspective uniquely... clearing out any emotional fog preventing us from seeing the bigger picture and grand scheme of things.

Journal Prompts:

Create a sigil around your goal.

Basic Bitch Ritual w/ Supply List:

The Ritual

Get the jar and burn the candle on top of it. This will activate the sigil. As the candle burns, focus on the flame. Clear your mind through deep, slow, and intentional breaths. When finished, give thanks.

The jar can be activated daily, weekly.. etc by shaking it.

Roxi Phoenix

Published 6 months ago


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