My Virtual Adept Druidry

If we are aware of the code, then we are self-aware code.

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Some use Mercury.

I know another techmage who uses Khonsu as well, or even Brighid. Mostly it's just information model magick, and you can really squeeze any deity of intelligence or writing or messenger or whatever into a deity role, if you need one.

For me, it’s the Cosmic Bear, the Holy Mother Programmer.

My personal view is a Spirit model paradigm operating within a Universe as a simulation model.

I feel like the universe being a sim saving on computing power nicely explains both the Fermi Paradox and the disconnect between Schrodinger and Einstein. Render waveforms when nobody’s looking. You ever see those vids on YouTube where they show what games look like just out of the view of the character? Observer Effect, indeed.

If we are aware of the code, then we are self-aware code.

Self-editing code. So we edit ourselves to have superuser privileges denied us otherwise. We gain new tools, but we still exist and must operate here, in the machine and the math. There’s no Out There we can wake up to, or maybe there is. But for now, we’re in the Sim. Or the Dream of God, whatever. It’s all Plato to me.

But our Minds interface with the code itself. Through will and sheer force of belief, they can perceive new or edited code into being. It’s really as simple as that.

My druidry comes into play in that I also have experience with the Giants in this world who have demonstrable and measurable effect on the creation and sustaining of life here. The Ocean, The Moon, the Sun and other Stars. The Earth herself. The trees, great hives of bees and ants. the Rivers.

I toss a coin in before I swim not because the River cares.

Its moods are unconcerned with me, myself. I toss the coin to remind me that the River deserves my respect, awe, and even fear. If I forget myself, it will kill me. Or it could help me live if I built that kind of relationship with it.

These giants are ancient, but they aren't indestructible or immortal. And they will survive without us, but we cannot without them.

So, that's the framework. Everything else is just the user interface you use to get at the OS.

Candles? Sigils? Mantra? Prayer? Technomancy? High Ceremonial magick?

Cool. Make it work, it all can. It will, if it resonates with you in a way that helps you to believe.

Some may say my druidry, with its focus on tech and futurism, is a weird one, yeah?

But I think Bardery in the truest sense, the kind from Myth, is or can be one of the purest, most beautiful expressions of this paradigm. The ancient druids said a bard could raise blisters with words. They knew about rewriting the Allcode, just didn’t have this language for it.

To paraphrase Shepherd Book; I don’t care what you believe in, Just believe. And go do your magick, the weirder the better.

Be beautiful.

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Saeihr Auberon Kay Williams

Published 7 months ago


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