My persistence with being an occult malcontent (or my treatise on ethical magick.)

I am known in certain circles as a rabble rouser.

6 months ago

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I am known in certain circles as a rabble rouser.

To put it in less gentle wording, a shit stirrer; an instigator; the proverbial edge lord. I've been accused of this both publicly and behind my back.

I've been told many reasons I do it. I need attention, or maybe I felt neglected by my mommy, or maybe I live in a basement and have no friends and girls don't like me.

I laugh at all of this with genuine mirth in my heart. They are so far from the truth of the matter it's hard sometimes not to just laugh uncontrollably.

I'm none of those things. But I am one thing...

I bully bullies.

Racist, sexist, bigot, Nazi, TERF, transphobic, homophobe, etc., it really doesn't matter to me. If I see their evil, ill-intentioned stupidity rear its ugly head, I just can't help myself. It's a compulsion.

Now many would look at this as "white knighting." But it isn't because there's a major difference between what I do and what white knighting entails.

I expect nothing in return.

I don't long for adoration. I don't thirst for the attention of the mobs. I'm utterly unconcerned with reputation, power, or control over anyone. I could care less if I'm given any appreciation or thanks.

I don't do it for myself.

I do it for all those who have been battered and bruised by the unrelenting onslaught of hateful, angry people that constantly attack them.

As someone who identifies as a white male, I have a responsibility to my fellow humans.

Those of us who believe in the cause of equality, equity, and unity are the shields. We're the tank of the DnD group. That's what they need us for. Support. As long as we stand with, and don't drown out, we're doing the job destiny meant us to do.

In the magick community, this is not only necessary, but required of those who wish to practice ethical magick.

You heard me... what I do is an ethical use of my abilities.

Yes, I absolutely harass and bully others. I actively seek abusers, harassers, bigots, et al, and I go for their throat.

I will forever call out the bullshit I see, the injustices committed. I will always, with no waver in my step, stand for those less privileged than I.

I will accept that responsibility. I will not shirk it off to others. I will not allow a social media platform to do it for me. I will be their shield, and when necessary, their sword. I will be their vengeance when no one else will listen.

But what makes me any different? When you fight monsters, do you not become them?

Indeed, you become a monster.

There is no doubt that when you stand for a belief, a unity of purpose, that you become the opposite and antithesis of that which you fight. You become their equal, if not their better, in your monstrosity.

To imagine any fight to be one fought without monstrosity, let me dispel you of such delusions.

I have walked many roads in this life. I've seen the bodies of burnt men, women, and children piled in the streets. I've seen mothers abandon their children for the love of chemicals. I've touched the face of death more times than I care to remember. And one thing has always rang true.

We are all monsters in our own way. To ignore this shadow aspect is to deny your innate power. To not control it, direct it, will lead to your failure and demise.

I choose to fight for parity, unity, and equality.

The slings and bows of the wicked don't harm me, for I'm am pure in my goal and purpose... to protect others, like I've done my whole life.

The Occulturist

Published 6 months ago


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