Holy Mother of God?

God is a metaphorical intelligent canvas that creates art onto itself from itself.

6 months ago

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God is a metaphorical intelligent canvas that creates art onto itself from itself.

Reality itself is this intelligence. The essence of this intelligence is Void. The Void, in this context, refers to a supreme and superb paradox that is simultaneously nothing and everything.  

This Void, this spaciousness, and inherent “no-thingness” is the source pool of all intelligence.  

The source pool is the epitome of Chaos. Using the word chaos in this context is not implying the opposite of order, for this concept, understand the opposite of order as disorder.

Chaos, in this context, is pure potential energy.

It is ready to be anything and everything because it is all at once anything and everything and yet it is nothing. This profound paradox produces a dynamic tension of all that could be and that which is not. At a microcosmic level, this can be comparative to the igniter of the big bangs of the multiverse.  

This dynamic tension creates a friction in which causes a simultaneous reflection and projection of something out of nothing. This Void/Chaos gives birth to the Monad, the One, the root intelligence of reality that many refer to as God.  

In Hermetic traditions, initiates are taught a law or principle of the universe which states; “As above, so below. As within, so without."

This principle is also indicated in Biblical text with the loose English translation that states:

“So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them, male and female he created them” -Genesis 1:27.  

Male and female, the perfect example of duality.

In order to understand the concept of the existence of the Monad, one must recognize the dualistic nature of its essence which brings us back to the paradox of nothing/something in dynamic tension.

This concept is well known in the east as Yin and Yang. Yin being related to the foundational nothingness and Yang related to the expanding somethingness.

The Monad is the Yang “something,” from which sprang forth the Yin nothingness, the Void/Chaos.

This cosmic law exists from the creation of The Monad, which eventually divides into the Diad and trickles its way down to rudimentary cellular division known as Mitosis.  

God is here, and God is there. God is this and God is that. God is not and not is that.  

William Shakespeare gracefully sums this concept up in one simple sentence, “Nothing is but thinking makes it so.”

Cameron Ameri

Published 6 months ago


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