Money Gator, Part One

I'm going to break down the basics of MG, how he was created, how he became an egregore, what his intent is, some lore behind him, common experiences with him, and the general correspondences for working with him.

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This article is going to be the first part of a series about Money Gator, the viral memetic egregore.

I feel as though there has been far too much going on with MG to explain it all in one article, so I'm going to break it down into a multi-part series, which I hope to release a new article for about once a week.

In this first part, I'm going to break down the basics of MG, how he was created, how he became an egregore, what his intent is, some lore behind him, common experiences with him, and the general correspondences for working with him.

Money Gator is a Memetic Egregore created in June of 2020 by me, Mandy Hatake.

He has a programmed viral nature and feeds off attention. The more attention he gets, the better he works.

His purpose is to enable long term financial stability, create quick bursts of income, and provide a general sense of well being. He loves social media and has a tendency to create scenes of laughter and states of euphoria in social settings when people interact with him.

Initially, he was simply a sigil.

That's all he was meant to be. However, thanks to his programmed nature, he quickly grew in popularity, and I welcomed others to use his sigil as well.

Eventually, through his quickly growing popularity, he was fed enough that he grew to servitor status, then tulpa, and now is a full fledged sentient, intelligent egregore with a personality, likes and dislikes, etc.

He's also merged with several other egregores and deities, and has multiple “clone” versions of his sigil with varying intentions, often doing crossovers with other deities, egregores, and even fictional entities. These “clone” versions of MG are what are known as variants, and I will touch more on those in future articles.

From Mandy Hatake's Facebook, December 2020: “You can feel free to use Money Gator as well, as he is programmed to get stronger the more he is used/seen. He has made rounds enough that he has reached servitor/tulpa status at this point. For clarification, he's always active. The act of purposely viewing his image is what charges him with your intent. So if you place him somewhere highly visible to you that's enough to use/charge/active his intent for yourself. He's also known for encouraging a general sense of well being. “

The most common way people are using him is putting his sigil as a wallpaper or bombing him on social media, though some have fed him in other ways such as with pendants, traditional workings, feeding him people or other entities, and feeding him natural disasters.

He's a hungry boi, so he's not picky about the manner in which he is fed. He can be fed literally anything, and I'll touch on this momentarily. Some have even made entirely new variants of him, or set up altar spaces for him and other relevant deities and egregores.

Besides this, it's also worth noting that we've learned he responds well to gifting.

As in, randomly gifting the sigil itself or a working based off of him to other people, acts of exchange between friends, or gifting random strangers. It creates a sort of pseudo "karmic" cycle with him, for lack of a better term.

He also enjoys being woven into other memes, or new memes entirely.

Personally, the most common way I work with him, aside from sigil bombing or visual feedings such as with wallpapers, is by doing candle magick with him. I affix his sigil onto a green 7-day candle and fill it with related herbs, oils, and stones then burn it.

I also often weave him into other memes and then bomb them. He's also been known to interfere with online transactions or bank accounts as a way of protecting you from future financial catastrophe.

In this sense, he has become a sort of “ghost in the machine.”

If he feels as though making a particular purchase will put you in financial crisis at some point, he has been known to prevent it.

He is known for creating what I call “ghost-syncs” like this, where he will literally interfere with something without your knowledge, as a means of bettering your financial position, and then afterward you will start seeing syncs everywhere of him, where he is essentially bragging about what he has accomplished. These syncs usually come in the form of gators or crocs, seen in random and seemingly completely unrelated areas.

From Mandy Hatake's Facebook , February 2021: “So, Money Gator has been roaming around Facebook generating ghost syncs on my feed of various workings I've done. It even makes posts via my profile and then the posts disappear. I'll also have instances where someone will post something that ends up being a song or something I've used in a recent working, then once I've viewed it, it will change back to what the OP originally intended. “

Money Gator does have a few catch phrases that can be used to invoke him.

I often use these at any point possible, including weaving them into general conversation.

They are: "Yiiisss!" "Money Gator will provide,” or "Money Gator provides." “He's a heckin hongry boi” and "Do you even Money Gator bro?"

Many of these catch phrases have been woven into poetry about him by those who work with him, and are also often seen layered onto memes and sigils for him.

Now, a little bit about MG's lore and design.

MG is canonically fluid, which is why often he is referred to as “boi” when speaking of him. He can present as masculine, feminine, androgynous, or a combination of the above.

There is even a fem variant of MG who was created solely as his canon romantic interest, known as Venus Gator, who is literally a clone of MG with a pink bow, as a representation of MG's fluid nature. Venus Gator is both Money Gator himself as well as a separate entity.

In this same regard, the fluidity also follows into the realm of what breed MG is. This was originally noted when MG started generating syncs with Sobek. MG can take the form of both alligator and crocodile, and even lesser known extinct species that have similar characteristics.

The original meme depicts a baby alligator being quite happily petted by someone's hand as they lay in a grass field. The gator itself was superimposed onto a sigilized, edited, and charged version of one of the Seals Of Solomon, the Second Pentacle of Jupiter, which is regarded as having the intent of “acquiring riches, honors, glory, and tranquility of mind.”

After I created these two layers, extra layers of piles of cash and cash falling from the heavens were added, along with his main catch phrase, “Yiisss!”

There is also secondary programming within MG's primary intent, which is meant as a pre-emptive defensive mechanism for his nature and personality.

The programming is simply intended as a way of keeping his nature from being corrupted or tainted, despite being used by an untold number of practitioners at this point.

I decided to program this intent into him pre-emptively after seeing how popular he was becoming, and upon recalling the mess that happened with the Ellis (Linking Sigil) network and its subsequent energetic corruption.

MG has since decided to take this a step further, (and being further reinforced by the Eat The Rich variant) to use a form of intelligent judgment of his users and practitioners, in that he will only aid those who do not have corrupted intent behind their workings with him.

At this point, you are probably thinking, “How is it that we can feed literally anything energetically to MG, and neither him nor the corresponding spellwork can become tainted by negative energy?”

This is actually the beauty of his design. Money Gator is essentially an alchemical energy transmutator. That is what he does by design.

When you feed MG, you are feeding him the energy of whatever object, image, idea, situation, person, entity, etc you are offering to him, then MG takes that energy and “digests” it, so to speak, and the, ahem, “excrement” that is produced is now completely neutral energy.

A portion of this energy that is digested and transmuted by him becomes what feeds him, and what remains becomes neutral energy that is what is used to power your spell or intent. This intent was programmed into him by initially linking him to the carnivorous plant from “Little Shop of Horrors.”

It was one way I initially fed him. While I was bombing him around social media for the first time, I knew that several of the groups I was bombing him in there were going to be trolls and spectators and such, so I basically gave MG the intent of feeding off this negativity and using it to further power his ability.  

From Mandy Hatake's Facebook, March 2021: “OK so, some info about Money Gator that I didn't think to talk about before, just in case some of you have tuned into this energy as well and need validation on it. A friend of mine mentioned recently that they jokingly wanted to try to feed an ex to Money Gator (I mean, Money Gator *will* technically eat just about anything) and ended up relating it to the whole "Feed Me, Seymour" bit. Well, for the official record, when I programmed Money Gator with an insatiable appetite so that he becomes a very hungry boi, I actually did in fact base it exactly off of "Feed me, Seymour", and even posted a gif of it in comment threads where he was being memetically charged. So there you go. That's a thing you know now."

Magickal correspondences:

Other correspondences

Other popular methods of feeding him not listed above include superimposing imagery of gators and crocs into memetic sigilwork, and bombing non-sigilized gator memes.

You can essentially use any imagery of gators and crocs without the original sigil at this point as long as you have the intent of working with him and feeding him.

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