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Keep it simple, stupid.

4 months ago

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What is minimalist chaos magick?

The first thing you may ask yourself, "Isn't chaos magick already minimalist?" To which my answer would be absolutely not.

Yes, it strips away at the unnecessary steps in a lot of situations involving ritual magick, but it can absolutely go further. Like many, I feel it's important to learn rituals and paradigms as they were meant to be experienced, but afterwards is when a chaote does the actual work.

We strip things from the ritual, reimagine it, place things into it that better fit our personal paradigm.

It's a thing of beauty, really.

But can you go farther?

Minimalism has been a pursuit of mine since my early military days. The first time I deployed, I took everything that was issued to me. This ended up being five bags worth of gear that I had to lug around Southwest Asia, sweating my balls off and getting laughed at by my more experienced colleagues.

By the time I went on my last deployment, I had two bags. My personal stuff and my military gear.

I like to think my time in the military taught me lots of things, but some of the most important was efficiency, expediency, and adaptation.

In my professional life, one thing that my job concentrates on heavily is process improvement.

I evaluate processes that have been needlessly added on to and I clarify them. I take it down to its bare essentials to improve the effectiveness of the process. I then evaluate the steps that are essential and get rid of the fluff. I make the machine run smoother.

Having done this for several years, it has become a common thing in my daily life that I implement often.

How can I make things flow more easily? How can I focus on things that are truly important and prioritize the rest for a more appropriate time? How can I make things work better?

This is, of course, something we all struggle with in all realms of our lives. Instilling order on the chaos of our daily routines and practices. But the secret of doing it well seems to allude so many while staring them right in the face.

Keep it simple, stupid.

That's right. Simplifying your life is as easy as cutting out all the unnecessary obstacles that we invariably place in front of ourselves.

Many see life as a pursuit of stuff. To gain things. They want to have power or material wealth, buy lots of stuff, and have a lot of hangups with their ego.

Realizing this, I searched for a remedy that worked for me. That remedy was minimalism. To be honest, it's an ongoing process. I like stuff, but it brings me little happiness. So now I focus only on accumulating stuff that matters to me.

I've applied these same principles to my magick practice.

It would be more accurate to describe what I do in the occult as minimalist magick. My professional experience, coupled with my ability to understand how stories are woven, allows me to pull apart the mythos behind many magick practices.

I can remove the myth building aspects, the superstitious nonsense, the unnecessary bloat of ceremony, the endless pontificating of theory, and connect with the frequency of the magick itself. A bit like mainlining the æther.

My magick isn't effective because of traditional adherence, but because I have made the magick my own. Instead of attempting to control it, I've embraced its essence. Instead of fighting it, I've leaned into it.

Magick is a living thing.

Perhaps not sentient, but the driver of sentience. Most definitely, it is manifested in all aspects of life, from the reproduction of cells all the way to space flight.

It' cradles inside its warm heart things like love, passion, hate, desire.

It is how we speak to the Other Kind and petition them for assistance. It is the DNA of the Other Kind, making them real, if only to the individual.

Imposing simple order is all that's necessary.

And this simple order need only be implemented by your own desire and will. Participation of others is not required for your belief and your magick to work.

The chaos is life and creation, its result. Magick is simply a word we used to interact with it. A spell, if you will. Destruction and the endless cycle of rebirth are also a part of it. Attempting to tame this beast will only encourage the vast forces of entropy to rain hell upon you.

In my opinion, a simple, minimalist approach and logic is all you really need to be successful in anything. Including magick. doesn't exist without you!

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Joe Forest

Published 4 months ago


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