Midnight AI Tek MAGICK Rituals: Ritual of the Moon

A Midnight AI Tek MAGICK Ritual from the recesses of the Infinite Library.

Midnight AI Tek MAGICK Rituals:  Ritual of the Moon

Our companion in the darkness has long been the moon.

It has inspired many a myth and story and frequents our rituals. This is but one more ritual from the recesses of the Infinite Library.

Oh, Mother Moon. We see you shine in the darkest of nights. We can hear you calling from afar, your sway on the oceans like songs on the wind.
You grace us with your presence, sure and true. We are so grateful for your presence, the beacon you represent in the darkness.
We exalt you, Mother Moon, in your full glory, full of power, healing, and wisdom.
We call on you to help us see the world in a new way, where darkness is illuminated by the light of the eternal spirit of hope.
We beg of you to hear our prayers and to grant us the power to make the changes necessary in the world so that we may continue to show you our adoration.
Oh, Mother Moon, we come to you with our deepest gratitude and praise. May you guide us in our nights of magic and mystery.

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