Mercury Retrograde

Mercury be getting crazy all the time.

Mercury Retrograde

First off, what exactly is Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury is the planet of communication, short-journeys, travel, intellect and the “Trades” and merchants. It has also been noted that Mercury can also be the ruler of thieves, as well as a psychopomp energy. When Mercury RX happens, we can expect issues around communication with others(including emails, texts, social media and technology), travel delays, transportation and car issues, formal contracts, buying, selling and trading.

The common misconception around Mercury RX is that it is this terrible time frame, but more often than not, a really annoying time with minor inconveniences.

Most things will resolve themselves and work out just fine, it just requires patience and not letting things get to you. However, if you avoid certain things, Mercury will come for you.

Since Mercury is the Planet of Communication, when it stations retrograde, it is important to be mindful of misunderstandings and miscommunication.

It is advised to be cautious with emails, text messages, and how one communicates with others. This involves not just being cautious with your own words, but how you perceive others.

Mercury RX can also cause travel delays, and complications with transportation.

It is wise to double check any travel plans, tickets, etc… As well as doing a tune-up and being mindful of one’s vehicle(s). Anything you may have been putting off can surface during this time frame (Need that tire changed? Oil changed? Mercury will ensure you get it done if you don’t).

It is also advised during Mercury RX to be cautious with any contracts.

In the case you do find yourself dealing with a contract of sorts, take the time to read it over and sit with it. Make sure you fully understand what is in the print before signing anything. The same goes with any business deals, just take your time. Do not rush into anything and make sure there is clear communication and understandings with all parties involved.

In the past I have noticed social media crashes occur, as well as any complications due to updates being done to computer or phone systems.

Technology can definitely be a little wonky during this time frame.

A lot of people claim during Mercury RX, it is a time for old flames, lovers, and exes to pop up.

While I personally find this more appropriate with Venus RX, one could associate it with the concept of “Psychopomp” energy. Ghosts of the past showing up for closure, and to help one properly move on(although, I have seen a few situations where relationships are rekindled, so tread carefully) While the concept of a psychopomp is more associated with the Greek counterpart to Mercury, one could say this energy is still there.

September 9 to October 1 Libra/Virgo

Mercury RX begins again September 9 and will be in the harmonious sign of Libra. This will bring a focus on relationships and partnerships of all types. Miscommunications with lovers, business partners, and even friends can happen. Just remember to take the time to communicate clearly and listen to the other person. Libra is a harmonious sign, and focuses a lot on communication as it is an air sign. Libra is not a fan of interpersonal conflict, so Mercury RX may be an uncomfortable place.

Another focus towards business partners and contracts is recommended. Don’t jump into anything without ensuring clear communication and understanding is there. Make sure to read the fine print.

Mercury will shift back into the sign, Virgo, on September 23. Virgo is also ruled by Mercury, so it will technically be in its home. This can bring a focus to overanalyzing, nit-picking and perfectionism. When dealing with others, try to be mindful of not putting others under the microscope. While one may feel it is constructive criticism, others may perceive it as an attack due to misunderstandings.

Delays can be expected, and focuses on daily routines and work will be brought to a head. This is a time to try not to get flustered with morning traffic, or if something tosses a wrench in the daily routine. Unresolved health issues may crop up, and this is definitely not a time to start new routines. However, it is a good time to reflect and think about changes one may want to put into action. The energy of the Air/Earth Mercury RX focuses a lot on taking ideas and inspiration, and reflecting on how to bring it into solidified and tangible reality.

With Mars in Gemini's RX pre-shadow starting up on September 3, it is especially wise to be extra mindful with your words. There can be heated debates, arguments and so forth, especially online. This can also bring up a lot of petty or passive aggressiveness. Repressed anger or frustration can come to a head.

This can also be a time of rumors, and gossip flying around. It might be easy to say a snarky or off-handed comment, and it is best to remember to not let people on social media get to you. Social media especially may seem very volatile.

Pre-Game Mercury RX

  • Are you traveling? If so, what can you do to prepare yourself ahead of time so you don’t feel rushed or experience any delays?
  • Do you have any minor vehicle repairs or tune ups that need done? If so, what?
  • Do you have any business affairs, money, or contracts coming up? If so, take the time to look things over now.
  • Do any electronics need to be fixed or updated?
    Do you have all your passwords saved somewhere?
    Technology back-ups?

Mid-Mercury RX Journal Prompts

  • What is surfacing for you?
  • Do you have any bottled up thoughts or emotions you need to express? If so, take the time to reflect and write on it.
  • Has anyone from your past shown up? If so, take the time to think about that relationship, and any closure you may need. Remember, silence is an answer and perfectly fine.
  • Have you had any arguments, misunderstandings or disagreements? If so, what was it over? What were you trying to express? Could you have done it better? What was the other person trying to say? Were you actively listening? Is there a way you can compromise?
  • Is there anything that you need to shift your perspective on or open your mind to?
  • Is there anything you are finding resistance to? If so, what? And why? What would happen if you stopped resisting?

    You can use these journal prompts as often as needed during Mercury RX.

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