Memetic Manipulations

Whether or not you like it, Memes. Create. Culture.

6 months ago

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We’ve all done it.

We’ve had a bad day, hopped on social media and found relief through memes.

Memes help us relate to other people, and feel understood. We can place how we think and feel into the context of images with words attached to them. Memes bring us joy, they make us laugh and we love to share them with our family and friends.

For many of us, memes started so simply with silly cat pictures with the feline’s having a dialogue. Memes have developed immensely through the past years, but let’s get real… The concept of using an image with words isn’t new.

We can look at propaganda from the 30s and 40s and notice a similarity and their ability to influence people through them. There have been studies to show that memes create culture, and even shift the perception and beliefs of many people.

Memes can spread like wildfire and touch thousands, if not millions, of people.

Whether or not you like it, Memes. Create. Culture.

And when you are a meme creator, you hold a level of responsibility over this.

In the Occult community, people, including myself, have even embedded sigils to be charged with each share, each comment and interaction. Sometimes even unknowingly to those who share it. Some may question this and even bring up questions about ethics and morality around this.

Who knows how many of us have shared an occult meme that was embedded with a sigil that has maligned intent embedded into it. I will own up to this unhealthy form of manipulation of energy and have been attempting to amend for what I have done.

While my intentions with the sigils were not necessarily harmful, my ways of harvesting energy and charging it were definitely a little unethical.

But, let’s digress a little.

Through my personal experience of running a tarot business page and being an admin for meme pages, I have noticed one thing.

People love memes that feed into their shadow and “unhealthy” thoughts, behaviors and mentalities. Essentially, people prefer toxic bullshit over wholesome content.

How do I know? I tested it myself.

I gathered way more followers and interactions through toxic/shadow feeding memes than I did with wholesome content.

You can use buzzwords that will easily catch on. People love placing humor in their own toxic behaviors. Perhaps it helps us feel not so alone in our bullshit or maybe it co-signs our behavior. Who knows?

As I watch the social decay of our beautiful occult communities online, I can’t help but think of all the memes that have been created, shared and enjoyed.

I play a part in it as well. Let’s just sit down and think about how memes have influenced the occult communities, positively and negatively.

How have memes, pages and even groups influenced what many would say is a toxic occult culture, and lead to many misguided practitioners? How many people found the occult through all of this and strayed into unhealthy practices, beliefs, and so on?

When someone takes on the role of running a page or even a group, there is a level of responsibility placed upon them.

Social media calls people “influencers” as well as “followers” for a reason. You can definitely influence people through memes, pages and groups. To think otherwise is irresponsible and reckless.

We, as a collective, need to do better. Social media, internet forums, and so on seem to have bred a toxic community, not just with Chaos Magick, but the Occult in general.

Roxi Phoenix

Published 6 months ago


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