Mars in Gemini Retrograde

What to Expect with Mars in Gemini Retrograde

Mars in Gemini Retrograde

About Mars

Mythology: Named after the Roman God of War
Astrology sign: Aries and ancient ruler of Scorpio
Mars Keywords: Energy, Action, Drive, Passion, Stamina, Competition, survival instinct and willpower.

Transit information: Takes about 1.5 months to cycle through each sign. Mars is the third planet from the Sun and is named after the Roman God of War. It takes about 687 days to go around the Sun. Every 25 months, Mars stations retrograde for about 60 days or so.

Mars is about energy, and reminds us that it’s how we use it that matters. Just like a knife can be used to help us prepare meals, it can also be used to harm someone else.  Anger isn’t inherently evil or bad, but it’s what we do with our anger that matters. Do we use it constructively or destructively? Mars is named after the Red Planet of War, so there are some ugly aspects to it.

Mars at its worst rules over war, military, weapons, anger and destruction. It can be impulsive and downright reckless. Or, when it is in a poor placement or transit can bring lack of motivation, energy, and passive aggressiveness.

When Mars stations Retrograde, it can tend to bring out the more destructive aspects of the Red Planet.  Drop in energy levels, burnout, plans fizzling out, projects coming to an end, poor libido, accidents, passive aggressiveness, repressed anger coming out, emotional outbursts, and so forth. It is definitely a time to think before acting.

Since Mars is going to be in Gemini, let's take a look at basic Gemini information.

Gemini is an mutable Air Sign, ruled by Mercury. Gemini keywords: Communication, Articulate, Adaptable, Witty and Clever, social butterfly, Chatty, Mental Energy, and Intelligence. At it’s worse, Gemini can be superficial, nervous, over-talking, gossiping, superficial, and scattered energy.

What to Expect with Mars in Gemini Retrograde:

With Mars in Gemini going Retrograde we can really expect to see scattered energy resulting in burnout(especially if there is no solid plan), snarky or sarcastic comments(passive aggressive), heated debates or arguments, lots of gossiping and rumors, travel and communication errors, and easily frustrated. I am seeing a lot of misunderstanding and jumping to conclusions, especially in social media spaces. I also can see a lot of issues around travel planes, especially airplanes and so forth.

Before you go on that long winded rant about something that has been bothering you, take some time to think about what you are saying. If you are online, give yourself a few moments to review and think about how you are saying things before putting it out into the world. Tension seems to be very high, and people are almost looking for a fight or a reason to cause discord.

Mars Retrograde can sometimes result in fizzled out projects or plans, met with the uncomfortable feelings of failure. This doesn’t have to be the end of all means, but we can use this time to reassess and re-evaluate the game plan on how to move forward once the energies aren’t so funky when Mars stations direct.

Also, Gemini rules over the third house. Third House themes are neighbors, local community and siblings. It is wise to be cautious when dealing with these areas of life. It seems that many people will be forgetting to “love their neighbors” and concentrating more on differences and misunderstandings than anything else.

Also, Mars Retrogrades can sometimes bring plans, projects and goals to a sudden halt or failure. This can be frustrating, it can be a great time to re-evaluate and reassess the situation. Failure doesn’t have to be the means of all end, but a lesson on what went wrong and the ability to pick yourself up and try again.

Journal Prompts:

General Frustration or Anger:

Why am I frustrated or angry? Vent away about it. Better to put it on paper than direct it towards someone else?
What have I been repressing for so long?
Is there a better way to communicate my frustration? If so, how?
Is this battle worth fighting?
How can I express my anger and frustration in a healthy way vs an unhealthy, destructive manner?

Assessing failure or blocked energy:

What has failed or gone wrong?
What lesson of growth can I learn?
What needs to be done differently?
How can I use this failure to find success?
Take the time to reflect and think about the game plan from here on out. Remember, success often is the result of multiple failures. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!

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