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6 months ago

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Quantum physics as an exact science only accepts what can be QUANTIFIED - calculated or measured - by existing methods.

In addition, it considers that the energy is not continuous, and works in small packages called QUANTA.

However, the quantum physics mentioned in several occult currents has some ANALOGIES with scientific quantum physics, deriving assumptions and extrapolations from data that have been proven scientifically.

Uncertainty principle

The uncertainty principle, attributed to Heisenberg, states that it is impossible to observe the position of any body without interfering with its energy, or measuring its energy without interfering with its position. The product of the measurement errors is always greater than or equal to h/4pi.

This leads us to an important conclusion: measurement ALWAYS interferes with the system. This leads to the hypothesis that even the intention to do some measurement can interfere in the system, that is: interfere in matter with the power of the mind.

Image: representation of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty - Maschen

Quantized energy

The energy is not continuous, it is quantized. This means that a body does not absorb any amount of energy, just those correct amounts that allow it to jump to another state. Consequently, in order to absorb a vibration, a body must be “vibrating at the same frequency", or at least have modes of vibration with adequate energies.

This allows the existence of multiple worlds or dimensions in the same location, and one does not interfere with the other because they vibrate at different frequencies. It is also the basis of the law of attraction: we only attract and absorb energy when we vibrate in the same frequency. If we vibrate in another frequency, we will absorb other energies.

Wave-particle duality

An experiment was carried out by emitting an electron beam on a plate with two slits. When it was not used any detector to know by which of the slits the electrons had passed, the result was that the electron behaved as a wave (light, for example). But when a detector was used, the electron passed through only one or another slit, like a particle.

In this case, some argue that the intention to measure interfered with the system. However, some argue that the detector that was used interfered with the system, causing the electron to behave differently.


A behaviour close to that of the electron is observed in several quantum systems. When they are not being measured or observed, they present degeneracy: they behave in various ways, and their energy is actually a weighted average of the energies of each form. When the system is measured or observed, it decays to one of the possible forms (only wave or only particle, for example).

This supports the theory of Chaoism: all is chaos behind the curtains, and when we try to observe we only see one of the possible forms. The Babalon energy is considered at different times as Virgin or Prostitute, but in fact it is both.

Image: molecular orbitals degeneracy - W.W. Norton.

Everything is vibration

By the principle of uncertainty, there is a limit to the accuracy of our observation of the world. However, in larger and heavier systems, uncertainty becomes negligible when compared to the size of the system, and then the quantum system behaves like a classical system. Even so, things are still vibration - they are only more dense forms of vibration.

Quantum Tunneling

Also by the uncertainty principle, electrons have no "position". They are a cloud (distribution of probabilities), and they are not moving, they just “are”. This causes an atom leaning against a wall to have its electrons transposing it; the cloud corresponding to the electrons did not have to pass through the wall because it has no position! Thus, electrons pass through walls, and this can be used to send vibrations from a distance. If a spirit is made of electrons or energies which are as subtle as them, it can pass through walls. And it can store a lot of information, such as the information of an entire human brain - being then a "conscious" entity.

Particle / antiparticle

It turns out that energies can become matter and vice versa, and a amorphous energy in vacuum can momentarily take the form of two opposing particles which will then collide and vanish. In fact, in vacuum pairs of quark / antiquark are emerging all the time, which then annihilate. This supports the possibility of materializing things out of nothing - one only needs to conjure enough quarks to form protons, atoms, molecules, and so on. Aside from this being extremely difficult, antiquarks have to be discarded in some way, so something has to be provided in exchange for them to annihilate against, and the universe recover its equilibrium.

Quantum Interlacing

Another interesting quantum phenomenon is that electrons that were in the same orbital could only have opposite spins. In that case, if the electrons are separated, and the spin of one of them is exchanged, the other will invert its spin accordingly, in a faster communication than the speed of light - this is also called “Spooky Action at a Distance”, because nothing is sent from one electron to another for the phenomenon to occur. This would be the basis of telepathy, and is already the basis of quantum computing.

Image: Telepathy - Brit Lab

By: RoYaL.

References: Dr. Massimo Citro - O código básico do universo; Fritjof Capra - O Tao da física; Stephen Hawking - O universo numa casca de noz; Stephen Hawking - Uma breve história do tempo; Donald A. McQuarrie - Quantum Chemistry; Ira N. Levine - Quantum Chemistry; Vitor Oguri e Francisco Caruso - Física Moderna: Origens Clássicas.

Gabriel RoYaL

Published 6 months ago


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