Magick! Mercenaries! & Memes! 001 / 002

A serialized occult fiction tale in the time of the 'Rona!

9 months ago

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001 - Forward

During 2020, several occultists went missing, disappeared, or were found dead.

The individuals in question were all members of an occultist group on Facebook under the monicker of “The MagePunKs”

These disappearances are connected to a series of events that transpired over the course of the year and so on.

What you are about to read is a collection of recordings, individual accounts, streams of consciousness pulled from the white noise that buzzes off the static of radio and airwaves, bounces across modems, from cell tower to cell tower, transcribed onto the white screen.

Each entry is time stamped, titled appropriately and tagged with the individual’s username handle.

Entries are still being collected and transcribed to this date.

002 - Video Chat



Your phone buzzes in your hand. You ignore it. It continues. You check the screen; the icon is for an app you never downloaded. It’s a crest, a shield, red with a glyph that’s familiar, but you can’t place your finger on it. It says unknown caller. You try ignoring it again, but you just can’t. Your heart races. You know who it is. They caught onto you. They found you. But how? You told the guys to leave it alone, not to mess with these people, but they didn’t listen. They thought it was some kind of joke. Fuck, so did you, but now it’s just a little more real. Too real.

You open the call. The app opens up to the video call screen. The video feed is low in quality but displays a dimly lit study. A man sits behind a desk facing the camera, hands clasped together and still. The man’s face is in shadow, only his sharp nose and thin mouth are revealed in the desk’s lamplight, intentionally cloaking his eyes. After a moment, the mouth spreads into a grin and speaks.

“Good evening. Now that you’re all tuned in, I can begin.

"I hope you are all well, I certainly am. Some of you might not know the nature of this call, who I am or what exactly is going on, and that’s ok for now. You’ll play your part shortly.”

He takes a drink of water.

“Just know that ... a small, select few of you have gotten yourselves into quite the bit of trouble. And I wanted you to know, that you are indeed in trouble. Not just you, but your friends. And maybe even their friends, you can see on the display screen, who’s all in the chat, and who’s all watching this.

"We know your names. Your numbers. Your addresses. We know where you work. If you work. If you’ve died. How many times and when. We keep track of these things. Things. That’s what you are.”

His head moves forward just a bit, his mouth grimaces in the pause, you still can’t see his eyes but even through the camera you can feel them.

“You’ve taken something from us and now you’re going to pay, you have no bargaining power here, nothing to barter. But you’re going to pay. That’s how transactions work. That’s how everything works.

“You’re a bunch of nobodies. You hold no power, no influence. You’re not some esoteric order, you’re a Facebook group. Just a bunch of third rate kitchen witches with your cards, your crystals and your memes.”

The thin lipped grin returns to his pale narrow face, ”What could you possibly think to do to stop us? We are absolute. We are order. The order.”

He pauses.

An ellipsis animates onto the screen. Someone is typing. A text box appears with a reply.

[Ok boomer.]

To be continued...

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Published 9 months ago


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